Which vendors are selling HUB MOTORS?

Simply what the title says.

I’ve been digging for a while now, and TorqueBoards is all sold out of their hubs, and buying Hub Motors from china just seem sketchy. Who on the forum is selling Hub motors at the moment??

With that criteria and At the current moment of the forums ?

Aside from who you said no one :smiley:. All hub motors (besides hummies) are made in China. From Maytech’s to Diyeboard

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You could wait about 2-3 weeks for @Hummie’s kick starter for his hubs. Best ones around IMO

@Jcullinan09 even TorqueBoards hubs are made in china! im not 100% Shure but I think this is the same hub motor sold by torqueboards you may be able to conform this with @dickyho. as he is the one selling them.


@M.Hboards I suppose you’re probably right, but just for peace of mind, I like buying from the vendors in the states, simply because I can get a line of communication out of them. Buying from China and expecting support is like going to a pawnshop dealer and expecting insurance on something, I just know it wont happen.

Anyways, thanks for the link! Could @dickyho verify this?

I doubt Dicky has seen a set of tb hubs first hand to compare and he likely wouldn’t say anyway as a professional courtesy

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@brenternet Sounds good, Thanks for the heads up! I’m just a guy trying to see whats out there on the market for Hub motors, and appreciate the help wherever it comes from!

Hummies are 90 days lead atm and as far as I know they are the only non chinese variant available. Worth waiting for though.

I think we will all agree Hummies are worth the wait, but damn it is a wait. Also ask @rey8801, he seems to be a hub aficionado. He can at least give his opinions on the chinese variant hubs.

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yeh, I am one on the few pro hub motors :grin: To me all depends what you want, then you can decide whether hub motors are for you or not. Concerning the hub motors available Hummies are of course the best one. I mean the work behind speaks by itself. IF you have time and money to invest they are the way to go. About the other hub motor on the market now, I just got the motors from the MAD hubs GB, which are the same that TB was selling. The one @M.Hboards posted are, yes the same hub motors that TB was selling, but the older version, not sensored. Motor I believe are the same, but I am not sure. To me after hummies they are good hubs, more powerfull than the DIYEboard ones, runs better ecc… you can see my review and comparison here. Although also the meepo style one ar epretty good for the price and I still have them.


Yeah, been following your post as I was going to build a good starter board for my daughter. I actually never had an issue with hub motors, just as most people, it had more urethane to cushion on the streets I ride. Although a nice wide stable board for her with very low(novice) settings will be a great starting point.

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believe me that this hubs run way smoother than the meepo ones. They have thicker PU so I really like it, plus they surf quite well. Once you give it a spin they roll forever compare to the others I tried. For sure set them pretty low in current otherwise they push a lot. I see like the 130Kv with a 6 or 8s light battery. Should still get nice speed but keep the weight down. I advice vesc but they also run with normal ESC

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Nice, that’s cool, I still have a spare single ESCape, as well as a dual Flip sitting collecting dust. I definitely going to use higher quality products on her board. Good thing is that she can’t push it to the limits and I have tons of spare crap lying around to build a good board. Just need to find a solid deck for her and get it done soon. The best thing is she will be building it with my supervision. It will be a fun project.

But now, I am stuck on finishing my 2 decks as well as a e-drift trike!! :smile: DAMN PROJECTS!!!

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It’s really nice that you will build it with her. Nice project for sure :wink:

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Everything is made in china. I even secretly fly to china every night to build my boards.


I swear everytime @longhairedboy comments It just makes my day :rofl:

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Ask Jollin. My private esk8-jet is always parked in front of her Shanghai office.


to hub experts: do we have any good hub with pneumies AT (like psycho 6x2) available? i came across one scooter hub on Aliexpress…but it should be trash.

@Quiles - We have one in production we’re working on. 165x50 Street Tire and looking into a 180x50 Off-Road Tire. Will fit our 218mm Trucks.


Heck yeah!!! Do you have a time frame on them?