Which VESC to buy?

Hi, im new to the whole VESC scene and currently in the planing stage of making my own DIY Onewheel. I have done quite a lot of research on which VESC I should buy, but im still not sure. I am therefore wondering if anyone of you could recommend a VESC that meets my requirements. Main purpose will be commuting, but maybe some offroading aswell.


Parts that I know will be used:

16s3p 21700 battery pack

Fungineers SuperFlux hub motor

Fungineers Stompies footpad

Frame will be custom made



VESC 6 (every VESC based on VESC 6 has internal IMU right?)

16s3p 21700 cells

3pin jst ph 2.0 connector for footpad

FOC capable (have read that not every VESC is able to do this)

Heatsink is preferable but not required

Reliable (ofc)


Please ask if more information is needed.

Thanks in advance!

If you’re using a 16s, look into 75/100 based escs. They can handle 16s. Trampa, ubox (although unsure since they have a combustion issue with 16s at times), and maybe makerx since they now have a 75/100 based esc.

@LeonCamero Have you tested the MakerX HI100 75v100a when it comes to heat dissipation and reliability? Also, all new-ish VESC’s have an integrated IMU right?

Not all escs have a built in imu. The makerx hi 100 75/100 doesn’t have it.

I haven’t tried the hi100 75/100 due to not necessarily needing higher voltage, however, it was tested for heat and reliability and the only error noted would be the 5v error. I would contact makerx if they solved that issue before buying.