White smoke Balance charger


I also own an Imax B6AC charger, and yesterday I was charging my 6S battery. It was working all fine for 2 hours or so and the batteries reached its max voltage (25.2V), then suddenly white smoke started coming out of a small gap between the LCD and the charger casing, so I immediately unplugged everything. My first cell in the series is now completely dead.

The charger… how do I tell if it’s fried? The LCD works, all the buttons work, and now if I connect my batteries it says low cell voltage (since 1 cell is dead). Would you guys say the charger is probably still okay to use or don’t risk anything and get a new charger?

Any help is appreciated…

Best advice would be send it back if you have warranty. If you dont have warranty, open it up and have a look inside. Should be clear evidence on the PCB what has happened too it if there was smoke.

edit don’t have it plugged in if that wasn’t obv. if you’re not that familiar with Electronics i sudgest finding someone that can help you

Trash it, buy another charger. That battery cell is toast. Unless you’re familiar with messing with lipos I’d get another one of those as well

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Hey dude Most likely a FET Ive done a few of them on both of my clone B6s I just got a 30v one from my local electronics distributor. you will need a re-work station though.