Whitepony's Junkyard Leftovers: Nyko Kama VESC-ready

I really collected too much stuff during the last 2 years and its time to clean up again. I got a few items I just dont use anymore - usually always because they have been replaced by something I liked more. Other times, I simply had spare items from shipments from china, AUS or US.

Ill keep updating this post - there are a few items left that I havent put up and there will be new items from current boards that will become new leftovers.

Important: shipping EU only!

  • oldschool enertion 9mm flywheel/generic mount: 20€

  • new grab handle 15€

  • nyko kama with 100% plug n play VESC receiver module (fits right into any new vesc and sits ontop of it. all wires directly soldered, hot glued and shrink tubed - this is as solid as a nyko kama gets). loved this one and worked great until I started working with a lot of carbon. within 100% carbon enclosures, the reception was too bad so that I started using 2.4Ghz mini remotes. not easy to get in europe, 40€ for this mint condition setup.

  • now this item is complicated and Im not sure if I want to sell it — but Ill leave it here and you can offer me whatever you want. Its my Loaded Cantellated Tesseract with a DIY 10S4P battery, vesc, mini-remote, routed carbon enclosure with sunk in motor wires. build thread is VERY lengthy: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=75291

and starts to become interesting here: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=75291&start=75#p1170801

batteries are still in great shape (also with balancing cables), the board rides gorgeous and looks great (yea, I couldve cleaned it up a little …). currently the rear truck with the drive train is used in my jet spud, but we can talk about everything. I still got an enertion mount with 6355 rspec and 15/16T 9-15mm motor pulleys. ah well, just throwing it in this mix - if you are interested in parts or just the board or the complete with trucks and drive train just message me.


OMG those raw caliber 2 trucks, I’ve just bought a pair of them for 70 euro :frowning:

I am interested

hehe, getting spammed a little with PMs. please use google for estimated shipping costs, takes about 1min (shipping from germany)! and please no “I started this build and I wonder if I could use anything from your parts …?” or similar … :smile:

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basically I put them up too cheap I guess - noone has transferred paypal yet, but I got a LOT of people interested. currently reserved for a guy who wants more items at the same time (convenient for me, cause I dont even have so many boxes for shipping :smile: )

I can pay now - whats left ?

that Jet spud looks so good… damn

wish I could pick it up but after this trampa board I’m sorta broke…

if the remote sets are too expensive, make an offer!

1x new nyko kama 1x used but like new nyko plugnplay for vesc 2x new gt2b + mastercho

That deck looks great would be interested if willing to ship to USA for the right price

I’d potentially be interested in the complete board. But depends on price.

i had a lot of requests about the board and i wasnt home all day, so i wont be able to answer all today anymore. got someone interested and price seems to be working for both sides (750€ as complete without charger & without wheels, 600€ when i send it without trucks, mount & motor).

most things shipping off tomorrow, just need to find a fitting cardboard box for the battery! tb escs tested on my sk3 6374, works flawlessly!

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updated initial post with leftovers


I’d like to get the new nyko kama, tried to pn you bit I couldnt figure out how to do that… Im from austria, so you can pn me in german :slight_smile:

thanks, chris

new nyko kama gone, fully set up wireless kama for direct plugnplay vesc use remaining! also still 2 brand new GT2B with super sexy mastercho carbon filament prints and all requires screws!!

if youd buy something if it was cheaper, just pm me an offer! :slight_smile:

Still got those gt2b and mod?

sorry, sold them yesterday evening :stuck_out_tongue:

last item on the list: a fully modded nyko kama that can be directly plugged into a vesc and works out of the box. everything soldered, supported by hot glue and shrink tubed into a neat package!

hey there whitepony, id like to order the Kama Nunchuck if it works.

would be awesome!

habe keine ahnung wie man hier pn schreibt aber ich schaue morgen nochmal hierrein :slight_smile:

so long

Is the nyko kame still availabel?

Im actually interested on an item not listed, but in your pic of board mouted on wall bracket. Where did you get those clear acrylic wall mounts for boards? Do they just scew fix to wall?