Who are from the netherlands?

Hi there fellow eskaters,

I am almost finished with my first build and got already parts for my second thanks to @Surfer :):grin: And I am curious: who are from the netherlands? Maybe we can meet up, help eachother with stuff or whatever. It is always nice to know who eskates in your country am I right?

Comment down below if you are from the netherlands and in which city you live! I live in Groningen :wink:


Rotterdam here.

Riding a focbox hubmotor combo. Will switch to carvon speed drive r when I get them.

Saw your vid. Belt doesn’t look aligned. It seems to rub on the wheel.


Utrecht represents!

We have a little meetup this sunday… would be awesome if you can make it! For more info: https://esk8.nl/t/spring-2018-group-ride-utrecht-25-03-2018/

From the Netherlands, but moved to Australia not too long ago :wink:

Yes I saw your comment. As I said, the mount was only mounted on the truck for demonstration purposes because I’ll get a new mount this monday. Still thanks for your comment!

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Thy? Is it the 1656 in the netherlands? Cause they didnt play in the world cup that year either!

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It’s Fries, you wouldn’t understand :wink:

The Hague is represented as well :sunglasses:! Getting all parts together for my first build this spring. Trying to make it as stealthy as possible though because of the high fines I’ve heard people getting.

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Sorry for changing the subject slightly, but have any of you guys had any problems with the police? Will move to Utrecht in September and have read some horror stories about getting fined or have your board taken away (Not in that city explicitly, but the country in general).

Live at the edge of Utrecht for a year now. Since then encountered the police like 5 times on my board (as in drove by in plain sight). Never got stopped. Just behave normal, wear a helmet, don’t go crazy with the speed in busy areas.

I am going to try and make it. Meetpoint is Forelvijver de Ruigenhoek at 13:00?

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Yep! That will be the meeting point indeed :slight_smile:

Arnhem! Geen problemen met politie gehad vorige zomer

hey im in rdam as well!

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Nope not yet. I only ride around urban areas though. Correction, I have only ridden in urban areas and parks. Would not try to go into town with it.

I have passed cops and cop cars but wasn’t stopped. When I passed I did slow down and also didn’t look if they were looking. I think riding on the hubmotors also causes less attention, which is also a reason why I chose the Meepo board.

Just ride responsibly, stick to traffic rules, and wear a helmet.

I guess riding it to the university would be off the table then.