Who gonna tell these guys that they have the board upside down?

I’ve seen them around on social media…Ugh…WTF!

PSYKOBOARD http://igg.me/at/psykoboard/x/11032187

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Designed for max slipperiness high gloss finish with convex board.

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Street your face in style

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Is it to create downforce? aerodynamic in high speed? :grimacing:


There was a post on here about it a while back. Ill try to find it…

lol at the indiegogo campaign… Started R&D in 2014 :joy: so it took them 3 years to get on board with the landwheel-drive makers…

And they still haven’t figured out the board is upside down

Lol yeah … I know there was a thread…and I forget @Psykoboard is on here too…

Maybe they can rationalize why the board is the wrong way up

but they skate it so confidently I’m convinced mine is upside down. Oh wait - it is.

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This Is pretty Extreme and looks upside down

Don’t see any practical purpose of the shape of the deck except for it to look strange

they’re making claims about inbuilt mudflaps to keep rain from splashing you. I guess someones already told them it’s upside down and that’s the best their PR guy who come up with

@Michaelinvegas is there board really upside down… or have we be putting our board upside down since the beginning :astonished: :pensive:


Oh shit…wait a second…nah…stfu lol we got it right


Look at these guy… they feel bad for the lies they live into for so many year until they found that skateboard actually go upside down…


@Jebe do you know how expensive it is to re-shoot photos and videos?

It’s like, “Ah…Fak!!Lets just roll with it!”

its got a very nice beak

What the fuck? You do all that work polishing that turd of an idea, give it a cool name and then put that ugly ass enclosure on there?!

Downright insulting…

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LMAO YES braille I love those guys :joy:

It might make for a good handle thing to carry around though :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s for us lazy skaters who need a ramp to get up on our boards.

Either that or they really wanted a board that could ollie out of a darkslide.

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