Who has a arduino spot welder? Help needed

Need help with my arduino v3 spotwelder working of the recommended 3s 60c 5ah lipo… it’s seems to be constantly on…like the probes have constant power as if the foot switch is constant open or something?

And now it just shows the red power light and nothing on the screen :tired_face:

Seems like you wired the foot switch to be always on. Check his website for how to properly wire it up

Damn i never even tought of reading the instructions… Thanks

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nope i wired it correctly …built my whole battery with it…then at the very end it just went crazy and was constant open still not sure why

Isn’t the mosfets blown? That would explain always on…

ill check and report back cha

Could be an issue in the foot pedal? Try a different switch if you have that laying around, or try unplugging foot pedal and using auto pulse to see if it’s a switch related issue

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mine is arriving in a day or so, maybe we can compare then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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`cool things a beast still not sure why mine is acting up. ya ill try the auto pulse tomorrow and take a few pics