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Who is stoked for the end of 2015 wave of VESC from enertion?

I know onloop/ernertion is getting flooded with requests of where is my ESC and why hasnt this shipped yet, and when will the shipment get here, and why are chinese food and chinese parts just so darned good… So lets take some load off of him and just talk amongst ourselves.

Who missed out on the first wave and is stoked as a son of a gun for the second wave??? I know I have three on the way and with going through a bunk ESC from DIYES… I am about as stoked as stoked can be to get back on the road!!!

Gonna put one ESC onto the board that originally had the ESC from torqueboards and I am getting my first two motor build going. So sick of taking the bus to and from work!!! aaahhhh excited lol


haha… i can’t wait!

I’ve got like 20 complete carbon fiber boards to build! they are due to be available 30th novemeber! HURRY UP VESC!

the goods news is after this batch I will never be out of stock again… it will be always in stock! - ship anywhere in the world within a matter of days.


I am taking the waiting time to read up on the VESC. Gonna program these things into the ground. There is a fair amount of room for play with these guys. Lights. Controllers. Readouts.

We have other user(s?) working with solar even. Lots of room for inovation everywhere which is always great for building a community!


Me! So vesc production got pushed back to the 30th? All i need is my vesc and hub motors. Wonder which box of awesome will come first?!

I think what he meant there (and its the 30th now so this makes sense) was that he wanted to do a sale for his carbon fiber boards but needs the VESCs to get those boards out the door. I did get an email about the carbon fiber boards going on sale too, so hopefully he has the VESCs in hand!! hahahaha

i’ve been wondering about this. originally they were set to ship November 18th according to the page i ordered from. I’ve got two on the way from down under for a complete i’m planning to list on my site.

i didn’t want to email asking for a status update because i knew everyone else has been asking, but what is the current status of delay? is there a current working ship date?

In his raptor build thread he mentioned the status of vesc as in final building stage… so not shipped yet. Think it was yesterday or something. Then he said his build progress for raptors is running a week late. So … taking from that comment, we probably won’t be seeing them this week.

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I too have refrained from sending mails to Enertion asking for the status of my order, because I know its the VESCs holding it back.
Hopefully @onloop can post a short update re VESC’s to this thread for us all.

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to put it simply…the fucking factory are a bunch useless fucks… its 2am and im drinking scotch so pardon my Fs


they are making 240 VESC, Plus 100 VESC nunchuck controllers… Plus we are doing experimental shit… like getting the firmware flashed directly to the STM Chip at the factory before manufacturing… lets just say once i actually get this batch ill never be out of stock again!.. it doesnt mean im not fucking furious though!.. i was promised 25th november… now its 5th december fuck

Nice. I am assuming the nunchuck testing you guys were doing had good results then? That will make things a lot easier. Thanks for the update on the factory.

Not sure if you’re dealing with China our not, but I can say for certain I have never had a smooth transaction with Chinese businesses…kings of the classic bait and switch.
They can do anything you want and deliver it next week! Until you pay, then you’re just a crazy round eye!


That’s exactly the reason why I had a batch of VESC made here locally in Europe since I didn’t want to deal with China for assembling and putting the right parts on the PCB’s.

And it takes less than 10 days to get them to produce the next batch. From the cost side it’s a little bit higher, but at the end it’s worth it.

@chaka can get them in two weeks as well. I’m probably going to get my next set from him.

I assemble them here in the shop so I have total control over production quality and materials. We also offer complete customization of the VESC. I have a compact dual VESC and a heatsinked version coming out soon too!

I would like to add that by purchasing from OllinBoardCo. You are getting a VESC made with the best materials available and supporting an actual builder/manufacturer as apposed to a distributor/middle man.

Not knocking distributors, but sometimes trying to eek out profits leads to sub standard performance. The pricing @elkick has is a more realistic number to see from a distributor. If you also added the high performance PCB material used in my VESC’s the price would be even higher.

The only reason I able to set my price so low and keep the quality so high is the fact that I am the manufacturer.


Compact dual VESC ? Woohoo !
Count me in !

@chaka you just made my day with that dual vesc comment. One of the things i wanted to do with them was mount them both to a single, very shallow heatsink to bind them together, but it sounds like you’re doing something similar. Keep us posted!

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Chaka tell us more about a compact dual VESC!!!

Would be great if it had some cooling apparatus for hot climates and or high performance applications.

Stop lying to yourself man… You are doing it the most expensive way possible, but your price is the lowest??

I know first hand how much time & effort you are putting in. I know you are passionate, But no one expects you to give your stuff away for free, so why do it?.. they’ll happily take from you now, but they won’t help you when you need it.

If you want to survive you seriously need to do your business plan, I bet If you did the sums you are losing money on every VESC you sell…and making them by hand is very limited… there are only so many you can make in one day. Time is money. Your tools need power, right? what about tax? Do you have a normal job that pays you an hourly wage - what are you worth?

Also, try not to bash the outsourcing option too hard… because if you are serious player you’ll be doing it too, soon… so then how do you justify all those negative things you say about how the quality is no good if made in a factory?

The guy from Bubblegum Boards made this exact mistake… he didn’t think about his time as a commodity, there is only one of you! there are only 24hours in a day. The first big mistake you make will be the last.

let’s just hope you don’t follow in the footsteps of BubbleGum Boards. Bankruptcy…

I have a stacked version with the same footprint as a single VESC measuring 1 inch in thickness. My personal favorite is the heatsinked single version with an aluminum base. It is what is going in all my integrated decks now.

A side by side configuration will be coming soon but may require a modification to the gerber files to mount vertical usb ports like this one.