Who is using FOC and whats your setup?

huhu! I have just a little experience with FOC - tried it in an early stage with nunchuck control and it was completely weird/undriveable - usually worked well for 200m and then just started acting up. months later I tried again on my trampa in order to silence the dual 6374s … and just fried a vesc directly after 10min of playing. bottom line: Im now too afraid to try FOC again. but I would love to because of the stealth sound.

I would really like to know if someone is successfully running FOC for at least 100km+ without issues and if so, what setup are you using? battery specs, motor, VESC HW version and controller!


Have not tried it because too afraid to burn the VESC. I’ll wait for VESC 5.0 and new setup to give it a try. I know that @RunPlayBack have succesfully used FOC with the single Carvon V2

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I think @Hummie is using FOC as well and can maybe tell us about his experience. I am also in the same boat: too afraid of frying a VESC since even the manufacturers like @chaka and @elkick are advising against it.

I used FOC with a 6S battery and a SK3 213kv motor. It works flawlessly! When i switched to 12S and the SK3 149kv i did not get it running… I dont know why. Maybe because i have VESC HW4.10 which does not have the better capacitor at C18. Currently my VESC is broken. I will have it repaired these days and have soldered the new capacitor at C18. Then i will try it again.

Noob question: You will do a motor detection with no load. When configurating FOC i should also do it without any load (wheels)?

Been using FOC for a month or so now. No issues so far. My setup is essentially a Raptor mono with a different deck.

nice! do the raptors come with foc active or bldc?

BLDC, i think they can not afford taking the risk at the moment.

Yes the Raptor comes in BLDC mode. I don’t get the FOC hype. Okay the real hype is over after so many people fried there VESCs, but where are the advantages beside the sound? I heard the Fets get hotter and for that reason its a no-go for me.

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@whitepony I’ve been using FOC for a while now, about 100+ miles with it and I love it. My setup is here in my build thread. I added a cap to c18 and that seemed to make things run more smoothly. I have VESC HW version 4.7 so the mod improved performance.I had to tinker with the brake settings and startup to optimize it. I love FOC mode and wouldn’t go back. I like the quiet operation and somehow it feels more even during acceleration. Using PPM mode for control also worked much better for me than using the native Nunchuck app.



@whitepony @Haimindo yup I’ve had FOC enabled on both my single and dual boards with no problems. The only time I’ve had a problem with FOC was when one of my motor phase wires came loose on my dual build which caused it to brake after a full throttle. I prefer it over BLDC because of the stealth since I’m always riding around the city. With Carvon hubs its nearly silent and I get much better battery life on FOC. Here’s a rundown of my setups:

Carvon V2 Single Hub + 12s1p LiFePO4 + Ollinboard VESC + Torqueboard 2.4ghz Mini Remote FOC Enabled Motor Max: 60.00 A Motor Min: -60.00 A Bat Max: 40.00 A Batt Min: -12.00 A Absolute Max: 130.00 A Max ERPM: 60000.00 Min input voltage: 8.00 V Max input voltage: 57.00 V Battery cut off start: 35.20 V Battery cut off end: 33.20 V Startup Boost: 0.040 Soft RPM limit: ERPM limit start: 0.00 ERPM limit end: 60000.00

Carvon V2 Dual Hub + 10s Enertion Space Cell + Ollinboard VESC’s + Torqueboard 2.4ghz Mini Remote FOC Enabled Motor Max: 60.00 A Motor Min: -60.00 A Bat Max: 15.00 A Batt Min: -12.00 A Absolute Max: 130.00 A Max ERPM: 60000.00 Min input voltage: 8.00 V Max input voltage: 57.00 V Battery cut off start: 35.20 V Battery cut off end: 33.20 V Startup Boost: 0.040 Soft RPM limit ERPM limit start: 0.00 ERPM limit end: 60000.00


from what I understand, the foc implementation has higher efficiency and the sound is a big deal for me. first of all it adds to the feeling of riding a regular longboard, but most of all it might just be the reason why a policemen does NOT turn his head :yum:


@whitepony for easy reference I’m using 2x 4S 5000MAh Lipos in series, Sk3 6764 245KV, VESC HW version 4.7 with modded C18, and modded GT2B.

-if you want to try the C18 mod let me know I can mail you a few of the extra caps I have. (you’ll need good magnification they are very tiny!)

nice to see you with a high KV SK6374 - gives me hope that a low KV SK6374 (168KV) with 10S might work too. the first carvons used SK6374 Motors if i remember correctly @RunPlayBack (which kv)?

I also had the impression, that nunchuck & FOC didnt work out at all, but before I could test it with a PPM device, I fried my vesc. Im receiving a german 4.11 C18 modded vesc hopefully this week - basically the same thing I fried on my trampa after 10minutes. ist really itching to try foc, would be the ultimate holiday boarding experience with the superflexy vanguard and a dead silent motor.

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my 2nd FOC test had the C18 mod already - I nearly died trying to get that stupid little thing piggybacked. :confused:

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I think that the Nunchuck app for vesc has variable results in terms of throttle resolution. I can’t tell if it’s because some nyko kama’s are duds, or if the app itself can’t receive the full range of throttle inputs from the device. In either case, I found it much harder to control throttle with the nunchuck; it seemed like it only sent inputs at a few intervals; 0%-50%-100% throttle.

Once I switched to gt2b everything was steez.

Haha me too! Now that I have a good jeweler’s loupe I can see how crooked the cap is, but it still works!

It’s a 4.12 and it has been delivered today. We’re currently improving speed of delivery. :slight_smile:

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To answer you initial question: I am driving FOC on all boards now, with 4.7, 4.10 and 4.12 VESCs since January. But none of the boards is on 12s (4 on 10s, 2 small cruiser on 7s) and when I switched I didn’t switch back and forth again between FOC and BLDC, I just stayed with FOC. Never had any issue at all, I’m riding every day, even in rainy conditions.

Most of the fatal failures I observed when people were using FOC with 12s or have switched between FOC and BLDC, sometimes multiple times…

I’m not sure what the reasons for those failures are, but I could imagine that for switching the modes you need to do a “factory reset” on all values in between (installing FW again and/or doing a “read default config”) to make sure to start with a clean environment. But again, that’s just a guess.

With 12s I think the risk in general is higher to have voltage peaks beyond the VESCs capabilities. The latest change Ben made to FW 2.18 might also reduce the risk a little bit. Still, FOC is in development and not yet safe for everybody. That’s why I recommend not to use it unless you understand all the values within the FOC tab and are able to manage them manually as well.


I read the battery wire length is more important on FOC. I’m on 12s FOC and it’s been fine. Vesc is always cool. I left al the default settings other than what I plugged in after the test. Ran the bldc test first but almost never ran bldc

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@elkick vesc arrived, lightning fast! yea, indeed, I switched between foc and bldc a few times when I fried mine! :open_mouth:

which motors & controllers are you running?

I am using a various motors at the moment: CarvOns V1 and V2 (SK3-6374/149kv), Johns hubmotors with 80kv and 90kv, our own esk8-6355/200kv and esk8-6374/200kv sensored, chinese no-name (Bubblegum Board, in Kid’s mode) 5065/245kv, Alien 5065/270kv sensored (now replaced by our own 6255).

Remotes: Badwolf gt2b mod, Mini-Remote 2.4GHz, Kama Nunchuk, 1x Wii-Nunchuk with wiiceiver, Generic (bechwheel) 2.4Ghz Remote.

Cable length were an issue in the beginning, but staying below 30cm I never had a problem anymore.

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