Who is using the Winning W2 Remote and wo had already issues with it?

I´m back in the esk8 game and want to get rid of my Winning W1 remote because altough i like the formfactor, i´ve had 2-3 connection issues in the past forced my board to break suddenly, which is very dangerous.

Now i found the W2 on Ali and i might give that thing a chance.

What are your experiences? Any issues so far?

Just get a nano v2, not winning

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I already noticed that there is only one “Winning” (probably the one i already use) and the v2 with a slight other case and the speedswitch, which seems to have binding/ppm issues according to this review?!

I have never missed you.

Who is

this person?

Get at least two remotes. I endorse the mini rc. Check ebay for it.


Haha :smile: I´m no big deal here. This is my board.

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Nice little build. I’m surprised you get 20-25km out of 5ah.

I suppose 20kph average really helps with that.

Gotten used to riding faster now by any chance?

Most china production boards can even go 40kph nowadays.

I only weight about 68 kg and i mostly ride on flat bicycle lanes without many starts and stops.

The boards topspeed is 39 kph (190kv/42v/36-14 gearing/80mm kegels) and i already rode at these high speeds and enjoyed it pretty much but because of the unreliable winning-remote i sticked to 20-25 kph most of the time for now.