Who makes blank decks to order?

For the last few days i been looking for a deck just like this

But instead of drop thru i want it to be top mount and its gotta be 10" along the way (no hour glass shape) and at least 40" long with the double kicks and stiff Does any one here makes board for sale??? If i dont find one im going with the one in the pics since ima be using 107mm wheels i should have enough clearance, thoughts???

Looks sort of like my deck!

It’s also drop through, but I just don’t mount them that way.

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How long and wide is that deck? Does it have two kicks? Is it stiff? should i worry about Top mounting drop through decks???

Here are the specs


It’s stiff, and no you shouldn’t worry about top mounting on a drop-through deck, works fine. No kicks

@anorak234 makes custom decks

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How much can u do for something like that?

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I checked that site before even emailed them i dont remeber the price but it was to much for a blank deck i understand they would need a new mold

@Pablo_702 as @JLabs stated, I make custom decks. I could make that design (without the hourglass shape). I can also do extra thick with a semi enclosure. PM me.

Hey man thank you for replying what would something like that cost

You may also want to consider funbixdist.com (formerly Churchill Manufacturing). Reasonable boards at a rediculously low price. They include free shipping to continental US … But I don’t think they ship outside of North America. :frowning:

Here’s the shop page: http://www.funboxdist.com/store/decks/

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The have some that are close to what im looking for but not quite the one