Who offers development of custom bldc?

Hey guys, I need an outrunner bldc with custom specs and dimensions as well as some advice for it. Can anybody suggest me someone experienced enough who may offer such service ? Thanks!

alibaba.com if you are ready to buy 1000 minimum

Maytech will do that kind of work for the right MOQ as well. Give them your plans, then they make 1000 or so and sell them to you. Then they will continue to sell your motors after you ordered them and not give you any money for those after adding it to their catalog with less expensive options such as cheaper phase leads and some different color, and their logo.


Thank you for the suggestions. Currently I am looking for a design and prototype that has to be evaluated.

Sounds like it happen to you.

Oh no, not me. I didn’t send them anything custom designed, just wanted nicer phase leads and a laser etch on thier already great motors that i’m sure somebody else spent a lot of time on.

But you have fresh IP, DO NOT send it to Shenzen. Period.

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I agree with longhairedboy…but in case you just wanna try out some simple bldc configs you could try to contact Jason from Flier. I guess some in this forum use them for their customized esc… Another company could be vandaelectronics in taiwan… Good luck

Might want to email Alien power systems. Probably a better choice since I think they make there motors in house.

Are you sure alien is making their motors in house??? I have my doubts…they may design some parts of the motors and add special requirements (stator size, ball bearings, lamination) and then send it to china.

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Im 70 percent sure or atleast they have a manufacturer that is not in China. I thought I read that somewhere but I could be wrong.

american made motors are damned expensive.

I’m working on a motor mod that i’m not telling anyone about and i’m thinking about having the modded part made here then just ordering the motors per usual, or possibly unassembled, and doing the mod myself. That may be something that could work for other people.