Who wants to design a custom fuel guage for me?

I’m looking for a pcb/electronics guy/gal to design a custom fuel guage for me to go with my packs and boards.

I have a very specific voltage range in mind that would be for 12S but give it a little padding at the top and bottom sort of like a vehicle’s gas gauge does, and i want it comprised of a stack of about 20 white bar LEDs. No screen, no numbers, just a nice white bar graph.

This is something that seems like it should be simple but i have no idea how to do it myself. I’ll pay you for your time.

I’m going to put this in my xplate i’m starting work on, the fuel gauge will be directly over the front truck.


Sounds cool. Have wanted to do a custom “fuel meter” for a while now but havent really progressed much in this direction.

Hope u find that person and he makes the most badass custom meter u can get (using regular diodes, no screens or pixels :wink: )


Sounds like a fun project! At home we have a compact power-station, And on the right of it there’s a gauge showing the charge. Maybe someone could tinker around with that.


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