Who wants to get a shredlights 20% discount?


yesterday i asked to shredlights facebook page if it’s possible to organize a group buy, this was their reply

they said if we are 10 people minimum we can get a discount code. i don’t know if is the same coupon as @Michaelinvegas published a few months ago “GIVEMELIGHT” (that still works)

maybe if we are more than 10 people we can get a better discount…

i’ve a list of 5 people right now, anyone wants to join us? leave a comment :slight_smile:


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Ordered mine yesterday…

I was looking at getting a set just the other day, you can count me in for 1

I’m in for a set of headlights, depending on the discount.

I might be in for 4 front lights and 4 back lights, not sure yet)

I want it. I need 1 head and 1 back.

@tueboard that makes 10! I’m sure others will jump in once you put a price.

Actually, I’m building a board for my daughter now. She should probably have a set on there for safety.

Oh, and yeah, the GIVEMELIGHT coupon still works.

@scepterr @flywithgriff @BoostedBuilder @onepunchboard @akhlut we reached 11, so i will contact shredlights to know whats next, thanks guys!

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I’m also slightly interested… depending on how much the discount is compared to the first GB.


Also slightly interested depending on the discount.

reply by shredlights, copy & paste

“There is a maximum of 20 people for the group discount. Between 10-20 people, we can offer you guys 20% discount :slightly_smiling_face: Please note that we will issue you a discount code for everyone to use and all the orders will still be shipped separately. We cannot guarantee that there will not be a custom fee when shipping USPS, so we recommend using DHL express for shipping.”

we almost reached our goal of 20 people, i’ve a list from people outside this forum with 6 people already.

if do you have any questions, i can ask them to Andrew, BTW some friend knows some guy called Joe from shredlights, i’m waiting for his response.

i will keep you updated.


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please, if you want to join this group, please write what do you want here, maybe this can help to negotiate

Actually, for EU, there is less chance that item will be taxed when using USPS than DHL. Also, DHL customs service expenses are much higher (not tax itself but the service fee). The “problem” is the declared value that they (ShredLights) put on the package. They put the full price so it will be looked by customs in any way (USPS or DHL). I recently got mine and payed customs (which I expected but still hoped not to) :slight_smile:

@SilentException they told me this at the beginning “We could however send a discount code for a group to use individually when they each buy”

so i understand that they send the orders individually…

I need 1 head and 1 tail. not sure if that’s combo tho

Yes, that’s great but just saying that guys in EU should expect to pay import charges no matter the shipping method.

Thanks, I am going to get headlight only with standard, combo is too expensive, i think

i asked a friend from Barcelona - Spain who bought the front lights because shredlights are out of stock of taillights and he said me that didn’t pay any customs, but I can not guarantee that this will be for everyone, this is what he paid in total.

he selected the first class mail (the latest screenshot is from a purchase test)