Who wants to get a shredlights 20% discount?

Isn’t the tax limit for packages in Spain 45€ as well? Might be the reason :slight_smile: Also, first class mail intl. is USPS.

Thanks for the info, do you get the full set, 4 lights? Do you remember how much are the customs?

I’m not sure about the customs in Spain, with DHL i always paid customs…

Yes, I got full set, with some extra bracket/nuts. If I could go back in time I would get one more set of standard brackets to put on my second board. Lights are easy to remove and attach once the brackets are on.

Customs as usual, PayPal invoice * 0.22 + 5-10€ service fees. Shipped with USPS and arrived very quickly.

Also, check these guys out: https://www.slickrevolution.co.uk/product/shred-lights/ UK based, most likely higher price than US with discount but when you count the customs and shipping from US…do the math and decide what works better for you :slight_smile:

I might be down for a set once I see the discount

Been waiting for tail lights to come back in stock. Looks like they are. Any idea if they are a red light or regular colored for the headlight? They look like the headlights with the black housing vs the red.

Anyone on the fence about buying these I’ve been really happy with my headlight set. So much so I’m wanting to get a tail light now. Great fit and so far have held up to the abuse my personal setups haven’t held up to.

a friend is negotating with some contact at shredlights too trying to get a better discount than me, i’m waiting his response.

if he can’t get a better discount, i will message Andrew and contact everyone who replied my forum thread by order via private message to send the coupon, so don’t worry.


If there is still space, I’m in for a standard and spaced kit.

@ZachNYC yes, it’s possible.

at this moment i’ve a list with 15 people and we need 5 people more, Anyone interested?

I’m interested, depending on what the discount ends up being. Dual front and rear sets.

I’m in too, however ShredLights don’t ship to Israel because of politics. So sad that esk8 gets involved with politics… :confused:

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maybe someone here can buy and facilitate that for you brosiff… i c no reason why you shouldn’t be able to own a pair… do it by proxy

I would be down for 1 at 20% off…

@Tomer sucks that politics would prevent money and goods for being exchanged, lost on both sides. This is why I love hobbies like esk8. The racism and hatred goes away as we all love and enjoy the same thing…fight and join together for the same goals

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Hi @Tomer, I can send you how many you want) I’ll be in Russia for some time with no taxes and then Switzerland but that will be with tax!!

Thanks man. I can reach the site, proxy is not needed. Issue is that Israel won’t show up in the countries list.

Thanks for your offer! I’m down with that if you are willing to do it. Let me know if I should PM you.

Hey @tueboard , when are you planning to make an order or give out the code? Do you know how long is their shipping to Europe? Were you able to get a bigger code?

@BoostedBuilder i’m waiting a friend who is negotiating with shredlights too, if he can’t get a better discount i will speak Andrew tomorrow (friday).

a friend told me that the shipping to europe it’s 1 week.

i will keep you updated.

Any update on this?

i’m waiting a response from Andrew, i will keep you updated

this is the situation:

1- i asked Andrew to get the 20% discount, i’m waiting his response, so when i receive the coupon i will send a private message to everyone who wrote here.

2- for european people: a friend is talking with someone from shredlights too, trying to get a discount code from a UK distributor to avoid customs but the contact is now in holidays.

for americans there is no problem, europeans do you prefer to use the coupon and maybe pay customs or wait until we can contact this UK distributor? please leave a comment.



I’ll rather to wait for the UK distributor, 1. to avoid customs, 2. the UK diatrbuitor will probably agree to ship to Israel.

Thank you.