Who wants to take a ride with me in Florida?

hey I Iive in Jacksonville FL and I also have an eboard and i know @cmatson

So I am game for a ride.

We aught to revive this thread, and actually schedule a ride.

@Ebords23 and my brother would go to our ride, which already accounts for 3 ppl + Damon and his son.

That’s 5 basically guaranteed.

So We just need some other floridians to unite!!

also ironically, that kickstarter with a 25 mile range is based here in Jacksonville, and the video was shot in my neighborhood about 10 miles from where @longhairedboy and I were skating around a couple months ago. I sent the founder a message about meeting up, but he ignored it…

people need to get with the program. esk8 is about love of the sport and community. these people make me sick.

Worst case, ride should correspond to Maker Faire in Oct.

I’m hoping maker faire will be a good opportunity to build up a local squad. So far the central florida squad is me and @stealth71, we’re hoping to do a meetup and ride within the next couple of weeks if it dries up around here a little.

After this weather clears up I am down for sure.

Just picked up esk8orlando.com and when I have a chance I will work on putting something up there.

nice domain! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

I would, when I get my board done.

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I gotta make myself a board I can fly with!

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I wont be able to make the Maker Faire but I will be in Orlando for horror nights from the 28-31. Down to ride one of those days!

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hell yeah we should hook up. If we can find a sitter for the wee one my fam and i will be there too.

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If you gents care to do a Christmas ride I would totally be game- should be over in Crystal River Dec 22-Jan 4

i’m not sure where we’ll be this christmas, but if we stay home this year i think that would be totally doable.

I hoping to have two monster hummies hubs to try by then…should have some power …I might not even need red thane or wires :grin:

I’m in Downtown Orlando, ride almost daily. Down for any group rides.

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I just got www.floridaEskate.club a few weeks ago, and published a quick site to recruit riders for group runs.

Nice to see all this activity in my area! FINALLY.

Lol, it’s only taken 10 months. :joy: