Who Watches Anime?

Alright, I know this is disastrously off topic from Es8, but why not? I have so much fun on here, and due to the nerdy nature of this forum, I figure there must be a few of you on here who also like to watch anime. If not, why the hell did you click on this topic? So I think it would be cool while I’m on the ole PC and watchin MCs blastin’ bad guys to also be having a discussion about all of our recent binge watches, or upcoming esk8 trends, or whatever beer I’m drinking tonight, or whatever. So here is my thought, if you watch anime and think it would be cool to link up with other people from the forum come here and post some thing like this:

My Discord Tag: (include your Discord number)



For me:

My Discord Tag: XXBrainXChildXX #1916

MY WAIFU: Megumin from Konosuba

TRASH I WATCH: Anything Ghibli, Cowboy Bebop, One Punch Man, Madoka Magica, Konosuba, Psycho Pass

Somebody hit me up, share your tag, bash other’s waifu, or let the community what you like to watch when you’re not building bad ass Electric Skateboards.


Plagerism I say, Plagiarism! LoL


Marvel, D.C have some mint animated moves out there.

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Watched deathnote


I watch “a little” right now. I have no time to watch all I want. I watched a really big ammount of series and movies long time ago. Back in my 20’s I was a member of several fansub teams. I used to be the encoder. It was a really nice part of my life. I guess my top ten looks like this: One piece Dragon ball Lupin the third Neon genesis evangelion Naruto Bleach Inuyasha Cowboy bebop Haha o Tazunete Sanzen Ri (marco) Chobits Of course I loved many other series but those are unbeatable.

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BLASPHEMY!!! YOU HERETIC! you deserve a 10 years ban for that.


What’s a good show to watch for this season? I feel like the ‘quality’ of anime is dropping every season.

I have to assume you have seen classics like Akira, second mention for Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop, Berserk (very gory towards the end with is a rape scene; I kid you not), Fist of The North Star, Escaflowne, FCLC, any film by Miyazaki, Gundam, Dragon Ball, Ghost in The Shell, +1 for The Big O, Samurai Jack, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Escaflowne, Trigun, Yu Yu Hakusho, Space Battleship Yamato, +1 for Last Exile,

Semi classic/going to be: Captain Harlock, Weird but gory: Blood C

Recent: Anime Film “Your Name”

Ongoing: Digimon Adventure Tri, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academy, Dragon Ball Super The remake of Berserk in CGI give me an OCD, ex. the frame rate seems to be slower than the older version, but more like what is in the manga.

Attack on Titan is solid, but akame ga kill Is by far the best I’ve watched

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I don’t know much about this season but Steins;gate is pretty darn amazing, gave me a good nice mind fucking and Re;zero is quite nice too. That also goes for Charlotte, FMA brotherhood, My Hero Academia, and a bunch of other stuff that I dont remember

Watched way too much anime 100+ shows

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The best I watched lately is titan and the new season of Lupin the third.

I usually don’t watch anime I kinda hate it but my friend got me watching RWBY and Assassination Classroom.

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Great post and guilty as charged :slight_smile: ; life-long fan starting with Battle of the Planets right here lol: https://youtu.be/fDasuAc9GNA?t=12s

presently re-watching last year’s ‘your name’ which, in my opinion, best represents the future of commercial Japanese animation:

You are a badass (and you listed Monkey Punch’s 3loop, too - haha my hero!).

Seriously, thank you for doing subs. :slight_smile:

If I’ve learned anything in this world it’s to never, ever ask a man why his waifu suddenly has an eyepatch. :wink:

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Oh boy… new episode of Overlord came out today.

Also, how many of you put anime stickers on your board and gear?


I dont put stickers on anything because I dont have any :frowning:


Redbubble is your friend and god

I had a couple stickers my friend designed like 2 years ago but I have no idea where they went. I had one on my phone and then I had to get my phone replaced and I lost the one sticker that I actually liked. image Pretty good as a sticker

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Found the furry

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Ha, same! I would if I had any!

Also, no one mentioned One Punch Man… why has no one mentioned One Punch Man???

I think everyone’s seen one punch man… That show was bomb AF.