Wholesale Price - $4.95 | 36T Flywheel Wheel Pulley with integrated bearing


$4.95USD EA - MOQ100

http://cdn1.bigcommerce.com/n-yp39j5/zad02/images/stencil/original/products/165/880/electric_skateboard_12mm_wheel_pulley_1__88889.1459752860.jpg?c=2 CLICK NOW: http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/36t-12mm-enertion-drive-hub/

$4.95USD EA - MOQ100


CLICK NOW: http://www.enertionboards.com/buy-build-your-own-electric-skateboard-parts/enertion-drive-36t-HTD-eboard-wheel-hub/

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Is there EU stock for these :slight_smile: ?

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If there’s UE stock i’m in for replacment parts

if someone in EU buys this they can sell it to you.

stock clearance, huh? I’m assuming that means we’re on notice for Enertion belt drive component availability? Will mounts be next?

Sounds like i better start getting my xcarve ready for carving mounts now rather than later. I’m definitely not switching to direct drive wholesale any time soon. Too much torque to just leave on the table.

I might take advantage of this though… I need to crunch some numbers. That’s a good price, even compared to the quotes i was getting for my injection molded kegal pulleys i’m still trying to get done.


Lets talk numbers needed?

We have been sold out of mounts for two weeks. Soon the trucks will be gone and So will wheels. Full clearout well underway…

Get em while they’re hot!

Bulk price is on website.

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loud and clear.

BTW congratulations on your meteoric rise to a commercial level manufacturer of esk8s. You deserve your success! Even if it does mean i have to move on from my favorite parts supplier for most things.

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@onloop Any chance of open sourcing your mounts? Maybe i’d like to keep using them. IT seems like you did that briefly. Very briefly, IIRC, it seems like they were there one day and gone the next.

They were open sourced by onloop. I have the files and can send them to you when I get home in an hour or so if needed

I sell in eBay: