Whos mugging us off, Enertion or Facebook? - SOLVED

They were complaining about meepo stealing their packaging just the other day aswell lol


Its a common thing for facebook to use the content of your phone. As soon as you upload a pic it asks to have access to the gallery. That is giving them permission. Simple. Same with the mic. How many times have you been talking about a thing then not 5 mins later that same thing pops up on your feed? Happens to me all the time. Bit conspiracy theory I know but try it and see.

Did he need to? No. But it was a damn classy move, and it meant a lot to me.

Easy now, everyone knows I’m a fleabit peanut monkey and all my friends are junkies. :wink:


I extremely bothered by the grammatical error there. It even took me a minute to realize what was bugging me, lol. It should be expect not except.

Man, am I glad English is my first language. It is so nuance and unintuitive.

lol i wonder if people are going to start watermarking :rofl:

Shit dude, I h8 that I did that to yu. Mi bad man. Where is it. i wuld luv 2 fex et 4 u.


I thought it was that guy from “The Hangover”

Unless you’re a Shenzhen FLIPSKY, I don’t think you’re to blame. Appreciate the thought though, lol.


Holy shit @swimmydude. I am such an asshole. I thought that was to me, and it was to what Fkipsky posted.

Fuck, thats embarrassing. Fucking Karma. Act like an asshole, look like an asshole.

My bad man.


tbf I also didn’t really specify what I was referring to.

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I can confirm I took this photo for advertising purposes, definitely should have asked you for your permission.

Next time ill ask first. Please accept my apology

P.S. I really liked this photo, really nice layout


Wtf!!!?? I’d be happy if someone used my picture for advertising purposes. That means I’m doing a good job and have some cool shit that they want other people to see haha

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Awesome. Clean and concise.

It really is flattering when people use our personal photos for adverts TBH. But some recognition/acknowledgment is always appreciated. Be that in private or giving photo credit.

Props for the honesty and acknowledgment.

Thanks @onloop


@Sender your like a mini @mmaner


I think that @ducktaperules had a bad experience with enertion, and he didn’t want his wiring and enclosure work to help them sell more stuff.


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I am a bigger @mmaner. I got em by almost a foot and 20 lbs of well marbled muscle.

That is braised in beer.


Can we make that his title? Please…




Well. That makes sense in a way but best way to avoid this Stuff like this from happening is. Do not post pictures unless you’re koo with people “borrowing” them for their own purpose. Heck. I steal pics from the internet all of the time. I Go online and when I see something I like or think is koo. Guess what. I click save image :grimacing::shushing_face::joy:

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I gotchu