Whos mugging us off, Enertion or Facebook? - SOLVED

He actually bigger than me, so does that make me the mini-mmaner or him the mega-mmaner :grinning:


I mean, you are not wrong. But, I completely understand the frustration.

It feels as almost you have been commandeered without your knowledge.

I just feel like a little pm saying, “hey awesome photo, we would love to use it in an advertisement” would go a long way.

It is flattering and a recognition of deligence. You know, we all like to feel a little special :grin::wink:


1-2-3-4 I call a beard war.


Wtf, my name is on there. I don’t think I ever reviewed focbox.

I am down with Mega-Manner. God, that sounds powerful.


Contraversy :open_mouth:

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Aaahhh. Ok. If you put it that way then yess. A little bit of recognition will go a long way. Well. On the good side Jason has apologized as far as I read in the comments. So. It should be all good now :metal:t3:

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That picture says I reviewed it in April, I don’t remember that but it was a long time so, so its possible I could have given it 5 stars and forgotten about it. But I definitely never agreed to be in an advert. Can reviews be used in adverts? This is kind of creepy.

Reviews can be used in Adverts I’ve seen it alot. Now putting your whole name out there is another story. Generally it’s First name plus the first letter of your last name to keep you the customer anonymous.

I keep thinking about how good it feels to be compared to a dude as cool as @mmaner

Thanks @JLabs, that means a lot!


I’m not sure if that’s sarcasm or what :grinning:


They released it finally


@mmaner is the Alabama esk8 godfather, after all

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I am just amazed onloop came on here and didn’t antagonize anyone. Was professional and calm. Almost like like there is a media person doing it for him. :joy::rofl::joy: jk. jk.


Well he’s probably sitting next to @Deodand who is classy af.

Might be worth moving Jeff into your house Jason, you know, for those 2am rants :grinning:


Thanks for admitting this and thanks for the build compliments :slight_smile:

For the record, i am ok with you using it, i just feel like it would have been nice to be asked or even notified. Seeing my pictures used on a site i have never uploaded them to and advertising a company i have no affiliation with was a bit of a shock. I could imagine that people planning to sell products may have objections to this.

Also, you may want to sort your TOS out.

PS. planning a similar enclosure for my Unity when it arrives :slight_smile:

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Just be careful when borrowing such things if the peeps you borrow it from are from europe… GDPR violation is nasty xpensive

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Mark as solution?


This site exists purely for enertion’s use for SEO and marketing. That’s the reason @onloop won’t let the community pay for it. It’s a fair trade – we get this, they get that.

Thereee we areee!! …last year’s Cyber Monday simbiotic relationship photoshoot between us and Enertion… :point_down:



Money clips, focbox’s, discounts… all free today… :wink: