Whos using coulometers

whos using one? and how is it wired? and what information can you get real time while riding?


I have GT Power Wattmeters on my builds between the battery and ESCs. Haters gonna hate, but I use it for voltage/battery check and to do basic math (how many watts did I consume going x distance in y amount of time?).

Its handy, but gives you a lot more information than you need. It can really help if you’re building your own motors and need to check your stator/pole ratio and or your sensor setup. When you’re drawing too many amps, then you know you didn’t really make anything better.

After the power switch right? Do ubhve a link for your meter? Pics of wiring perhaps

I bought this guy on ebay. Can’t comment on quality as I haven’t received it yet, but I’m not too worried about it.

I own one of those too. PCB/schematic is nearly identical, you’ll have no problems. The potentiometers are not present, but it’s factory calibrated.

I just plug mine in and use this as the antispark.

If I were to do it again, I’d use XT-90 antispark plugs between the battery and switch (or battery and Wattmeter) and make a loop key from a standard XT-90 or 60

I bought this deal here but have not had time to look into the installation. The shunt is huge. Maybe too big for what I need. Worth getting a smaller shunt? (my build specifics) One of the emtb guys here has it on his rig. Need to dig around and find out who it is and see how he installed it.

The Shunt

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I bought one of these, http://m.ebay.com/itm/DC-100A-Two-way-Detect-wireless-power-meter-voltage-current-charge-capacity-time-/181866030474?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE

For my EBoard and its not bad. I don’t really use it much because I don’t like carrying the wireless receiver with me though I have used it for testing the board and seeing my amperage draw. The functions on it don’t seem to work, though I may he do I may be doing something wrong, like the auto shutoff function and stuff. Might be worth checking out and seeing if it may be useful. Only problem is its rather larger and takes up quite a lot of space in my enclosure, I do plan on taking it out now because I don’t need it anymore and I already know my amperage draw.

My plan is having ll the electronics in the enclosure and the screen mounted on the top of the board so i can see it is ride

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I was just planning on using it for diagnostics during my build and if any issues come up, but I’m not planning on making a permanent space for it on my board

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Yeah, thats generally how it ends up. Do you have a volt meter though?

Yeah. This meter will be a permanent part of my build.

Here’s a little setup I’ve got running using a Tenergy Watt meter (same as GT Power), and a Xiaomi Yi camera, both from Amazon. The ghetto Gorilla tape hood is so the camera can view the backlit screen in the dark, so outside light variations don’t interfere with viewing. The camera can also be removed, to view the screen while riding, although it can be a bit hard to see in bright light, and looking down while you’re going fast can get a little sketchy. I haven’t had a chance to use it much since I got it set up, but it allows me to take video logs of the real-time data. If only I could figure out how to also monitor speed at the same time and data log each run.

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Hello everyone! A topic about what is the real amp draw / current needs for a system surfaced on another topic. So everyone with a watt meter / configured vesc are welcome!

So, gladly @DeathCookies made a simple template for everyone to enter their data into.

Any feedback / improvements would be great, as I think it is still possible to be changed and should be improved. You should contact him personally, as I think there is not a seperate thread about the poll yet.

Poll for entering Amp draw data:


*delete any numbers after index.php, if there is a number it won’t work

This is an older thread, but was wondering for something like the GP Power watt meter, does it have any type of memory, like for max amps, etc. Or do you have to be looking at it the whole time, which would explain the gopro above?

That’s a really good question

Agreed it’s a shame to have a watt meter but have to be looking at it. This one I’ve had and it graphs the amps on its little lcd screen through time. Pretty awesome in a thin colorful package


I really liked the idea of it but wish it showed voltage sag too and not just amps and it burnt out on 12s quickly and im not getting another and it seems to still be out of stock.

The vesc has everything u could want being calibibrated and if youre computer literate you can record what it registers. Wish it was easier.

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Yea cool math solution to do it if needed but requires zeroing(unplug and replug) to find values hit on specific hills or at different points in time.

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