Why are all mount the hardware in the enclosure?

No I’m asking why all diy builds mount batteries and vesc in the enclosure and not to the board, it seems simpler to just mount all to the board and put the enclosure over it?

Because all DIY builds don’t do that. Some do, some don’t…


Probably most people don’t because it is faster to throw everything in the enclosure and slam it under the board to start riding. Overtime you would want to bolt it either inside the enclosure or under the board using mounting holes provided on the vesc case. But other components need custom mounting brackets or you DIY it and make em which I’m sure people do. Some will add velcro or other adhesives to mount the components to the board on inside the enclosure itself.

@psychotiller is a big proponent for deck mounting components.

I like building in the enclosure, but it does have its inherent annoyances such as connecting things and/or flipping the enclosure with things connected to be able to effectively work on shit.


I havt seen any builds with it… Does anyone have some antivibration between the electronics and the board if they mount it on board and not to the enclosure. Feel free to link some builds that have it deck mount and enclosure as a lid

LHB does all his build in the enclosure his are made of fiberglass and that has a lot to do with it. Long ABS enclosures simply is not strong enough to handle all the weight batteries and everything else inside.

I went to the builds category and clicked on the first one…

don’t think we need to link builds. just go there and look :wink:

I guarantee you if you’re enclosure is mounted on the board, that it is vibrating in unison with the deck. There is no magic barrier. Just put padding where you can.


Please Pad my shit up :pray:t4:

Yeah @Sender I can take my enclosure off and work on everything without having to dick around with my phase and sensor wires. Just set the enclosure off to the side, then put it back when done.


I have some of my sons diapers I’ll stuff in there :rofl:


I’ll only accept papers, the soft kind


Deck mounted all the way. No diapers. I used to fix everything to my enclosure but it kinda sucks to work on. Now I just unplug a couple xt-60’s and set my enclosure to the side.



All of my builds have all of the electronics secured to the deck. not the enclosure.


Do you add any padding/vibration mitigation between the deck and the components?

Is there such a thing as too much velcro?

Have you used the higher end velcro like 3m dual lock?

I actually prefer using cheaper, dollar store Velcro. It’s fine for holding things securely, and you can Peel up your battery if needed without destroying it lol

There’s no more vibration in the deck than there is in the enclosure. I use Velcro between the deck and components and thin padding between the enclosure and components


I use 3m foam tape. A straight pull will brake your wrists, but pull from the side and let’s go pretty easy.


Have used that too


If you really want a lid use some water tight Tupperware

I found this stuff call sorbothane. they have washers, pads and feet with adhesive on one side. I plan to have this stuff on everything I mount to my board. I have a Redember 44 on the way. I want to minimize the amount of holes i put in such a work of art.