Why did by battery go kaput?

Yesterday I finally got my last part and was able to hook up all my parts, but when I did, my spacecell battery would no longer turn on. I’m using 2x 230kv Motors (product/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-230kv-2650w/ ) and a dual VESC with the space cell. I can’t imagine what could’ve caused the battery to stop working, as I didn’t even have the remote controller turned on, so I couldn’t have demanded too much energy from the system or anything.

Damn man that’s tough but we’ve all gone thru it. The space cell has a fuse built in I’m pretty sure… Did you check that?

I changed the fuse and tried turning it on without having it plugged into the system and that didn’t change anything.

Does it power on breifly while you still have your finger on the button but then power of when you let go? n other words, does the switch stay clicked in to the ON position or does it just pop back out?

Or is something else going on?

Do you have a multimeter? Is there any voltage coming out of the main terminal? I’m pretty sure your cells are fine those things are bullet proof. Might be a bms or power switch issue

could also be a broken solder joint. I just fixed one of those in my custom multistar pack.

more than likely the space cell issue is the switch.

@mcoyle if you want, contact @onloop and see if he can have you send it to me under a warranty repair. He sent me a whole box of spare parts for fixing these things. I have enough space cell parts to fix just about anything that’s wrong with the exception of the individual cells themselves.

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nothing lights up whatsoever when I flip the power switch.

i unfortunately do not, but I wouldn’t expect it to be that either because the problem only began when I plugged it into my VESC

dead BMS or broken solder joint somewhere. IT could still be the switch though depending on how it failed. Sometimes a switch like those will fail to close a connection while still feeling as if its latching properly.

let us know what you decide to do. I’ve got plenty of room on my bench right now.

i just contacted @onloop about how to proceed. I’m just dying to get on my board so I’ll do whatever it takes.

On the Enertion website for the 10s3p Spacecell, it states:

Pack rated to peak output of 60AMP, However incorporates a 40A Fuse for protection, this is ample for use on electric skateboards. This pack is for motors of 2400W or less. DIY’s 230kv motors are [email protected] per. I don’t know why this is or what repercussions there would be to this mismatch, but maybe someone can elaborate for all of us. Very curious. Hey @onloop, what do ya say, mate?