Why did we chose the components we chose. Choice

It’s 2016. You know. Sometimes especially when I’m out on a nice day and meeting friends and drinking a beer. We are all happy. Respect to those that don’t have our good fortune. I’m having a good time riding. I’m in the outdoors. In the outdoors. I’m enjoy riding and hope everyone can


What is this thread about exactly?

Centimenal drunk people remonnicing

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Drunk posting LOL , got to love life.

With catholic guilt they say. Want to calibrate the enjoyment level. Relate it to what could be . Throught history. Or present. There’s Always the strive to better oneself. I’d like to feel I’m there. I don’t want anything, sounds hookey, but to finish charging :grinning:

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Hahaha my favorite thread of the week

I cant relate due to my alcoholism…

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Dang … We all gotta get lives if we are drunk posting on here…

:beer::beers::cocktail::tropical_drink: CHEERS Everyone!!!

Well, I can’t participate in this thread. See ya, I’m gonna go get drunk on ice tea. Lol :joy:

Don’t worry bro…you ain’t missing out on anything…

Yeah. I think I’ll avoid alcohol.


This thread is RAD!! CHEERS!! I’m not drinking, but I’ll burn a bowl with ya’:evergreen_tree: It’s past my bedtime… @Hummie You are going to read this stuff tomorrow and be like, “WTF” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Smart man …

You can re-affirm that by asking @Hummie when he wakes up

If there is one thing I can pass on, make a cover story as to why you don’t drink.

And make it good

I vote we rename this thread to “Spam Poetry Tonight with special guest star Hummie”


Well I am sane enough to do it.

The Globe Maiden Deck: Because the deck is light, its black, for down hill, shaped like an arrow and the bolt at the rear side can be placed at the very edge (no kick tail) allow me to drag the board like a suitcase without scratching the deck.

2 VESC: You know why!

Dual weather sealed HUB motor: The Netherlands is rainy 80% of the time, I am not a huge fan of cleaning this after every ride.

High impact flame resistant ABS Enclosure ip65: Doesnt get scratch easily, take care of my lipo protection, water sealed.

80A Gold Plated Fuse: General protection against over current and or reverse polarity. Having a large fuse will provide higher efficient in batteries as fuse known to get hot before cutting off (burn batteries life faster)

Anti Spark Switch System: I just created double switch 1 DPDT and 1 momentary switch with resistor to charge up the capacitors while maximizing my toggle switch life. For safety while using lipo, I like physical switch more over soft switch. Soft switch seems to be prone to breaking (maybe not but just to be very sure about the lipo).

Huge Industrial Grade Capacitors: Provide higher and faster discharge energy to the motor especially great for the start up torque. Somehow I also feel more efficient having big caps (less battery stress during high discharge).

Lipo Packs: Cheap, easy to work with, ridiculous discharge amps, boxy shape easy fitting, light. Less life cycle! Who cares? I think they last for about one till two years. Meanwhile new batteries are developing, by then I’d buy better batteries.

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Hahah it’s hilarious because the title is basically click bait

my decks because i make them

R-SPECS because i just like them and they like me. Not to mention keyways and circlips and easy installs because of it. And they’re just awesome.

VESCs because i like to configure things specifically for my flavor.

crushed coke bottle grip because nothing is more metal than covering your deck with broken glass

satellite drive systems because i like the torque/top end ratio i’ve been getting so far and it is configurable and updatable. downside is more components to fail and lose, but its worth it in my opinion. At least for now.

minwax stain because it really takes well to that hard rock maple.

hard rock maple ply because they don’t yet have death metal maple ply, or black metal maple ply. Trip hop maple ply may be nice to have as well.

superworm silicone high strand wire because its flexible like wet spaghetti and can take abuse. It makes things so much easier to work with.

bullet connectors in situations where i don’t directly solder because they are basically the perfect butt-style connector for single wires.

bones reds bearing because they are basically the perfect price/performance ratio and can be cleaned easily.

caliber ii trucks because motor mounts and the aluminum covered solid axle design allows for easy modification, and the price performance ratio is about damned perfect.

flywheel clones because injection molded pulleys work well with them and they come in most of the primary colors for tuning aesthetics. Not to mention they last a long while, have a softer, smoother ride than genuine flywheels, and appear to be able to take staples and nails without chunking right away.

beer because its beer.


A Jack Daniels shoot to wake up my tastebuds and a Heineken to smooth them out.

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