Why direct drive isn’t a thing for the « big brand » of the industry?

I don’t get it. The technology is great and apply perfectly for eskate. Why there’s only Carvon that craft them at a low pace ?

Money…its cheap to buy 2 motors, 2 belts and 4 pulleys. It is a good question as to why only Carvon makes them tho. Im sure once it gets mainstream or the technology gets to where it needs to be other manufactures will jump on board and bring the price down.

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Just a question of scaling don’t you think ? Place a motor on a 12 mm axle and design an outer rotor can that has an integrated pullet shouldn’t be so hard for industrials ? Afterall I might be missing something !

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Hub tech was already put in place by various Chinese MFG’s. With DD they’ll (or someone else) have to spend additional time putting in the R&D hours and money to develop a design for DD. I’m sure we’ll see more DD drives in the future now that Carvon has essentially paved the way for the motor type.

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its only a matter of time before somebody clones Jerry’s drive system completely.

Not having to source together motors, belts, pulleys, and all the nuts, bolts and threadlocker made the CarvOn direct drive an ease to put together, it felt like I was cheating. I love that it was Jerry who does this because he’s a trusted esk8 provider. It would be really hard to trust a Chinese clone


Would you buy from another company knowing that Jerry made them and they just outright stole his design? I don’t think I could or would


That’s not what I meant. It’s because the design Jerry made is so impressive that I don’t understand how pple don’t go the same path. Seriously everything changes when you use direct drive It’s definitely the future imo.

So this whole time I thought the carvon inline drive motors had abec11 inserts on one side, but it appears you have to cut the middle of the wheel out. What is that all about? Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose? Because now I am confused

You’re looking at old information.

Oh no wonder I was confused. Right on

follow his instagram for the latest. Carvon, Ollin, myself, we all post on Instagram so if you want to know what’s going on, that’s the raw feed.

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While Jerry didn’t “steal” anything, he’s using koowheel hubs for his v4 torque drive hubs, so it’s not like everything’s completely original.

koowheel hubs? or just the stators?

Looks to be the actual hubs with a crown mounted on from my findings, even includes the thane retaining lip and grooves. I don’t have any actual proof or evidence other than visual confirmation though.

that’s what they look like to me too. Interesting.

But the speed drive V3 are definitely their design no ? They basically put the koowheel motors as direct drive to increase reliability ? What’s the effecting change by doing that ?