Why do all the remotes suck? What am I missing?

It’s really hard to find a good remote. I like the photon but hate the joystick throttle. I like the firefly diy trigger version and excited for a project but a two month wait for most of the parts to the USA. I imagine the firefly is the same. This was going to be my pick. I am not a fan of the simple remotes out there. I don’t necessarily need the telemetry. Maybe I’ll try the hobby king gt2b in the 3d printed case. I’m not sure what else is out there. I was possibly thinking maytech but the trigger reminded me of the cheap old Meepo style trigger. Which I hate. Idk what am I missing? Is there something else out there or coming to the market soon?

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GT2B is still my go to. Been using them for a couple years now and have never had a single dropout or connection issue :slight_smile:


Benchwheel if you like thumb wheels and maytech sex toy (to quote lhb) if you like thumb trigger. Neither of mine have had any issues at all and have the throttle range I like. Can’t stand the nano clones out there because the throttle feels like an on off switch. Gt2b if you like finger triggers. Oh and if something goes wrong with the gt every rc hobby store has them and the receivers etc.


I am begging for someone to make evolve R2 clone for DIY.


Mini remote for the win. Also works with multiple receivers. Rock-solid connection.


Tried both v1 and v2 of the Maytech remotes. Both had a bunch of issues with dropouts etc, at least where I live. Felt very unsafe using them

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one that works you mean?

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To be honest I have 2. They work perfect (knock on wood)


which one? image this one?

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hows the battery?

Idk, you listed a remote you liked but the problem was availability.

@rey8801 @BigBrit

Sell kits




Yup, was scary as hell testing it with a 4wd board :stuck_out_tongue:

I love my little sexy maytech. Never had a single drop out or issue of any kind. I love the thumb trigger so I use it more than most. Got 3 of them. Surprised I am. Benchwheel is good though, very good actually.

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Interesting that some people don’t seem to have any issues with them. The places I got dropouts were pretty consistent (could never figure out what exactly was interfering with the signal though), usually happening in the same spots each day on my commute, although not always the case…

It could be better. My 18650 battery will outlast remote battery unfortunately.

@Eretron yeah man thats what I’m hearing. There is an upgrade though I believe. @michaelcpg Probably intersections etc. Cameras and such can play havoc with connections. I’m lucky the average technology in australia is based somewhere in the medieval.


Same for me man. Big streetlights get mine sometimes

GT2B is great. I had the Nano-X which was ok but the GT2B is next level!


Yea, as soon as I get any sort of connection issue like this with a remote, I pretty much lose all trust in it… Fingers crossed my GT2Bs keep going strong :smiley:

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