Why do dogs h8 esk8?

I have been chased 4 times by dogs, nipped on the lower leg once. Fool me 4 times, shame on me. I got this thing at www.stuncityflorida.com

I think it might be all predatory animals. Me and my son were at the local university riding around this weekend and just happened to ride over by the lion. She really liked the sound of the electric skateboards, She chased my son around the outside of her habitat for 20 minutes. You can see it here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8MJbmA0ljw


I think dogs can hear the high frequency audible noise that comes from the motors due to the motor controller using PWM. It’s in the region of 20kHz so outside of the human hearing range


sometimes it seems like its the sound but I’ve seen dogs that go crazy from a regular skateboard also. I think its just they see us moving in a strange way, too fast, so maybe a threat… :thinking:



Got mine today @ekitesurfer!

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my dog loves mine… I walk her (well, she runs to keep up actually) around the neighborhood with my board and she couldn’t care less about any noises it makes.

In fact, she starts wagging every time I grab it because it means she might get to go on an adventure.


It’s like those apps that do the super high frequency whistle and the dogs go ape shit. Seriously, download it and bring it to a dog park :joy:

My dog hates my board, she barks at it lol. I’ll try @cmatson technique of walking (esk8ing) my dog. She probably would get left behind though.

most dog are simply astounded by boards in general - can always see the “WTF” over their heads cause boards arent a very common form of transportation. just take it slow, take enough distance and coast to reduce the motor noise when you pass dogs, especially when you pass them from behind.



yeah ! good day everyone; let’s start the day with a little poetry


have you guys tried that stun light out yet? on yourself? I remember people using them for drinking games. My dog used to run through our electric underground fence on full charge no problem. I tried it to test it and made a squealing noise it blasted me so badly…dogs don’t seem to mind as much.

such systems are not allowed in the EU for many reasons, same with these retarded shock leashes that allow to punish things you dont like about your dog and probably screw up your dog completely cause many people are simply too unobservant (frankly: too dumb) to train or simply lead a dog. imagine a dog sees a kid, runs friendly towards it, gets shocked. the logical connection for the dog is most likely: kids are horrible and next time they might bite it … and who could blame them.

ill have to stop reading this thread cause it will just make me angry. shock fences, ultrasonic apps, stun lights, … :expressionless:


well that was my parents. long ago. my mom ended up being taken away from our house in handcuffs for “dog at large”! no joke. a scofflaw.

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Lol, if I find out anyone’s hurt a dog. I’m going to hunt you down lol

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if you have no clue about dogs and you ride a skateboard, at least try to memorise a few of the guardian breeds, cause these were selected to guard their pack and they will be the most dangerous for you as a quickly approaching, aggressively humming manbeast.


most prominent guardian breeds around where I live:

german shepherd american bulldog boxer doberman giant schnauzer rottweiler

you cant blame these kind of breeds if you approach them like an idiot (fast, close, loud).

i bike a lot and a mont ago a dog chased me on my bike and he bit me richt a bove my enkel so i coudent walk for 4 days just get a lease around ur dog on open roads or parking places btw it was a rottweiler not a small one on a open road

its not always a bicyclists fault when things like that happen, but I think there is a good chance that the vast majority of bicyclists is provoking this behavior by passing too close and too fast without any clue about the trigger mechanisms for certain dog breeds.

I agree though, if you cant control your dog, you should take it on a leash. but you can do your part as a bicyclist to avoid these things instead of provoking it.

cool that you added this - a rottweiler, perfect example of a guardian breed i mentioned one post above, what a coincidence :joy:

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yes i know i was biking around 24 km/ourer but still i was on the other side of the road it like 5 m wide but its super stupid of the lady walking wit that dog in the Netherlands if i call’t the police on that lady and i hat the bid mark stil in my skin which i had for like a week here dog whoud be tanken en she woud never see that dog again and to make it worst se woud get a vine for not having her dog on a leash dont ask my wy the cops do this but they do but i am not dat big of a dick

The true purpose of the stun gun in relation to dogs, is to make an intimidating loud crack and lightning bolt. If a dog sees that it will prob take note. I have been chased 4 times, they have come running at me out of nowhere, completely unavoidable. Bit by a cattle looking dog. If you love dogs so much that you would rather get bit than shock a dog ,than i am sorry for your candidates recent loss in the presidential election

Mike and i saw these at the electronics convention. I had the dude zap me on the leg for a split second, it definitely does not feel good. The videos online say to aim for places with a lot of nerves like crotch or face/ neck. I could only imagine what a cock shock would feel like