Why do people endorse inserts over regular skate hardware when mounting enclosures?

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I want that video too. I just like building video’s…

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I can make one. But basically

  1. Use masking tape on your enclosure to create straight lines and mark the spots that you want to drill.

  2. Drill pilot holes in the enclosure only

  3. Lay the enclosure on to the deck, put the drill bit through the pilot hole and spin the drill for half a second to mark the deck with a drill dimple

  4. Remove the enclosure, expand the pilot holes to the bolt holes size. Set the enclosure aside

  5. Use a collar on your drill bit, with the size drill bit required for the inserts. Place the drill on the pilot dimples you marked, and drill 10mm in to the drill collar

  6. Use a counter sink drill bit if your inserts have heads, spin for half a second to counter.

  7. Slowly with the proper sized Allen or t handle screw the inserts in until flush

  8. Finish filling up the enclosure. Put the bolts though and screw them into the inserts…

DO NOT drill the enclosure and board at the same time, and start with small pilot holes, or your stuff will come out crooked

Edit: if your enclosure has multiple holes like mine. Complete steps 1-2, and then perform steps 3-8 for four of the the front and back holes, to actually mount the enclosure with a couple bolts, then with 4 bolts in, use the pilot holes at step 3 to do the dimples for the rest of the bolts so the dimples are in alignment and the enclosure isn’t moving while dimpling, once all the dimples in place then remove and complete the drilling and inserts…

One more note. If you are doing this to a carbon fiber or a full composite deck, you are better off drilling, and using machine threaded inserts. Drill & tap your holes, then put the inserts in, and glue them(super glue or a call/epoxy), as machine threads back out quite easily.


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not a build video, don’t have time.


i liked your polite chuckle at the beginning. :]

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1 thing to keep in mind is don’t press too hard with the allen wrench, or you’ll destroy the first few threads of the insert


Yeah that’s what i’m afraid of when using inserts. Messing up a hole and having that stupid little wrong hole in my deck!

just fill it with a mix of sawdust and wood glue

oh yea, and don’t mark it wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just take it slowly and use pilot marks/holes… This way you can expand in a correction direction.


14 minutes on “sex” bolts, a generic term😂

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You never have to retighten your inserts or enclosure screws? And do you go trough the deck till its flush on the top side and hide it with griptape or is there like 1mm of deck-wood left?

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“mark the drill bit so you don’t drill through the deck”

direct quote from my video :wink:

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I never have to retighten the inserts. The m4 bolts I loctite during final assembly.

I use 10mm long inserts. On the boards that are only 10mm thick(vanguard/flex boards and the like) I put the butt of the insert on a die grinder and take them down to 7-8mm, so no I never drill all the way through a deck…


Sweet! I have read your build thread like 20 times… Really love the landyachtz evo setup you got going! Sick stuff dude :slight_smile: I need you to make some more YT vids of that board tho :wink:

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Check the video thread there’s a couple in there :wink:

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