Why do private messages have max. limit of 500 replies?

That said I am afraid to ask a mod why as when they normally play with stuff sometimes it gets deleted…


Think 500 is the max standard for Discourse forum software. :slight_smile:


meh… foiled by the man

I am interested in your discussions happening in those 500 messages :smiley:

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There is some cray cray in there and mind blowing brilliance! :exploding_head:

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Deleting stuff? What? We’d neeeeeeeever do that

In all seriousness though, it’s just the software

Discourse is open-source and you are more than welcome to submit a code patch to fix that. Then once this forum get upgraded to the new version containing your fix, the 500 message limit would be raised.

Can someone patch the Open/Live chat?

Yes; you can. That’s a separate plugin called Babble. It’s open-source as well. Go forth and fix it!

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Better question is “Why do you know this?”

Performance reason seemingly

Oh, there you go. The answer is in there.

So @moderators can adjust this by typing in 0 there or changing it to the more sensible 10,000.

For the record, I have also hit this limit numerous times…

Why I got this feeling all our private messages are completely the opposite, and one person can read them all ? :thinking:

The owner of the forum (enertion) does have full database access.

It’s a config file but same thing probably