Why do so many people endorse surf rods rkp trucks?

Just curious. What is the significance of the rkp trucks and should I want them?


Standardized parts, well understood how to get them to perform the way you want, and generally a geometry that works out for the type of riding you’ll do with an Eskate.


What are you using now?

I’ve always wondered about this also.



I was always told tkp/skp were tucked out of the way and better for coping tricks (grinds). Rkp are more stable at high speeds and responsive at low speeds. Rkp is typically a bit higher and (in the same holes) slightly shorter wheelbase. Skp/tkp in the park, rkp out. I could be totally wrong my info is from the people I trusted skating as a kid and not scientific :joy:

Theres a discussion here about it. I enjoyed the read.

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I misunderstood the OP. I thought she was talking about rkp surfrodz vs other rkps. :man_facepalming:

Edit: Sorry OP. I thought you were a dude. My apologies.

@b264 brofist


Well if it helps at all. In my opinion I think the main difference is one word “slop”. Surfrodz or other precision machined trucks = no slop. Cast trucks = slop Cast trucks can have looser tolerances and more imperfections than machined precision trucks. Slop can mean wobbles. I don’t think freeriders would notice as much difference but downhill and powered it can make a bigger difference.


Caliber II

What is it with all the truck stuff lately? Nutshell. Tkp are more carvy Rkp are better at stability at speed.

No one mention channel trucks please

Well apart from me that time. But no one else mention them.


Caliber trucks are rkp

@Sender had a catastrophic failure with one of those adjustable RKP baseplates on his ‘build of the year’. Broke the deck all along the mounting holes. Think smtimes we shouldn’t push the boundaries so much with the extreme angles they provide (LaCroix deck front angle may have also contributed to the demise)…



Uh this is not true at all.

That shit fucking rocks. It went into a wall at 37 mph…

Can’t blame that on anything.

All that is going right back on a Lacroix the exact same way because it is the shit!


And the baseplates are 100% fine.

Like all my stuff is.

There absolutely was no failure here at all. Just a dumb ass friend.


Im unsure how the adjustable baseplates are even relevant in this thread… Or how what trucks or how thet were set up has anything to do with the boards " catastrophic failure"

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The more I read this. Not one aspect of anything said here is accurate.

Just not what happened. The set up is a brick shithouse.



Weird. Saw one picture, didn’t read what happened and made some assumptions?


Same here. Im confused what @pixelsilva things happened. As well as what adjustable baseplates could have to do with it. You take any deck into a solid object like that and its bound to brake

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The other thing is it wasn’t even the front truck. It went backwards at full speed due to the user never haven even used a board and didn’t receive any instruction.

The trucks were literally completely unaffected. The front one you mentioned literally touched nothing and the rear assembly is still fine even after the collision.

Destroyed 2 motors, scratched the enclosure, and snapped the deck. Not too bad considering the forces it went through being slammed like that at full speed.

Sorry if I am being overly defensive. I am. I want more people to try setups like this because it is so sweet, just want to set the record straight.

Hell, @mmaner got a Lacroix just to do something similar on TKPs because it rides so well.

(It is a factory second, so we are sexing it up a bit)


My replacement is enroute and it will get the same treatment I had last time but with different colored glass frits.

And, might be going 12s6p on it and putting the 10s6p on Mike’s “Dragon”


Hey guys, let’s not change the… Channel


Just keep trucking through that channel