Why do we use the GT2B?

WHy do we prefer to use the GT2B instead of something like the FS-GT5, which has multiple channels that could be used for accessories? Or can it not be repurposed? Seems like it has many possibilities to be modded to allow for lights, horns, etc.

Cause it’s 1/3 of the price?


People do use multi channel tx/rx but the connection of a board is so much more important than say a drone or an rc car Yes they are pricey but won’t kill you if the connection gets lost. The more you connect to a receiver the more chance you have of having it fail.


Ah, ofcourse, $$ matters after all, but ive just never seen someone try it. Not to mention the price isnt absure when compared to others like Proton remote.

I see, so you’re saying that the more channels a remote (and receiver have), the more unreliable they may be?

I have 15 multi channel remotes from my rc days and still use a dedicated esk8 remote, one I trust implicitly, its my life not the cost of the toy. Although the fs gt is a great option. I’m just very wary of too complicated. KSSS


GT2B has a nasty bug that I have encountered recently. I’m going to stop using it and have done some research on the forum as to what a good replacement would be. Many people swear by the reliability of the 2.4GHz Mini Remote Controller, which is about the same price as GT2B and more compact. I found it for cheap here on eBay.


Mini is the most reliable apparently. I don’t use it but have it on good authority.


When I first decided to use the mini I was concerned about comfort in hand and reliability of something I bought for £9 on alibaba but honestly it’s a little beast. Connects instantly on power on, no exceptions. Zero drop outs or issues.

I trust that little thing quite a lot and it’s very comfortable to hold in hand. Also handy to have a few spares in a box at home and one in your bag. So cheap you can do that

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The failsafe “bug” is in the receiver though and not the controller. Maybe a stupid thought, but aren’t there other receivers that would pair with the GT2B controller?

I tried the gt3 receiver as I accidentally ordered the gt3 instead of a second gt2b but I can’t pair them.

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Is this “bug” there in both the gr3e and gr3f?

It is cheap if you use It “as is”. With the mod the cost could rise beyond commercial solutions. I had one but never bothered to use nor mod It. Many people said it’s the most reliable.

At least when it comes to signal drop outs. Rock solid in that department. :+1:

Ye. I have read that many times. That remote is really good

Personally I don’t use the GT2B so can’t comment on it’s mods etc. However I find all remotes used for esk8 purposes extremely expensive and unreliable. The average price for a single channel remote seems to be around 50-80€ and most of these use crude technology compared to what is available (eg FASST). That is ludicrous when you can buy a Futaba 3PM-X for $150 or a FRSky Taranis QX 7 for $100. I honestly hope that some of the proper remote control manufacturers (Futaba, FRSky, SANWA, KO Propo etc) take an interest in esk8 and produce a radio with an almost bulletproof protocol.


I just can’t do an rc car remote. Can not for the life of me use my right hand trigger. Muscle memory is solid left hand trigger. Then for some reason my balance is all off. Right hand thumb right foot forward.

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