Why do you buy shitty BMSes ❓ 😅

Why ??? :joy:

  • Because it gives money to China, so they feed their children and become 2 billion people.
  • Because it puts some green or blue in the battery enclosure. #colormatching
  • Because it makes warm fires in the winter to heat up the garage.
  • Because it is what the cool kids do.
  • Because Jesus told me.
  • Because it “protects my cells”, and I am an EEngineer.
  • Because it makes charging great again. #bs

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Because they charge just as well as 80$ ones and we don’t use discharge. Plus you save some $.:sweat_smile:


All of the above.

:neutral_face: okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :joy:[quote=“rok, post:2, topic:30044, full:true”] Because they charge just as well as 80$ ones and we don’t use discharge. Plus you save some $.:sweat_smile: [/quote]

lmao this poll is taking the truth out of the shade, thanks for the votes guys !!!


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thats right buddy, the religion of board voltifrication

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Similar question would be: ‘‘Why do you open shitty thread?’’


you are :sunglasses:blind :sunglasses:to the :elephant:elephant :elephant: in the room of this community.

Some people are building boards with very low knowledge of what they are doing, some people are just copying builds with :credit_card:credit card :credit_card: in the :hand_splayed:hand :hand_splayed: and :mouse_three_button:mouse :mouse_three_button: in the other.

and thats the reality, “bro” :joy:

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Feed the Chinese people! I am a strong supporter in the R&D of Chinesium


:money_with_wings: :joy:

Do we have a last vote for tonight ?

It makes charging great again :joy: Made my day Dude Thx

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So you are saying if we chose some chinese parts we don’t know what we are doing? I still don’t see the point of this thread :joy: or the point of your argument above.

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we need some laughts from time to time. Always good to start a new thread for that to post shitty things. I mean were puttin motors on skateboards wtf Some stupid things for today: :cactus:


What do you suggest we do . . . buy American!? Pisshh!!

The truth is that most of the components like BMS’ coming out of china are of satisfactory quality, yeah they may not use the best quality electrical components, and they may go cheap on other parts, but for most of us who aren’t pushing our set-ups to the limit, they’re perfectly fine. If you end up beefing up your setup to cope with a more vigorous demand, it’s likely what you end up buying for it came from China in the first place any way!

The Chinese have had a lot of practice in getting electrical items such as PCBs right/correct over the many years they’ve been producing things like; the phone you’re holding, the laptop you’re viewing this forum on, the memory in your laptop, the SSD or HD your laptop’s using to run the operating system, the TV you sit down to watch every night, the ECU in the car you drive… need I go on?.. you can’t knock the Chinese for what they produce when you use their produce every day . . . and they’re much better and cheaper at it than most of us (countries) are.


Apparently you are the expert huh?

What is your hang up with buying from China?

I don’t see the value of this poll. It’s not clear what we can learn from these results, or whom you are aiming to insult.