Why don't people use GT3 pulleys and belts?

The gt3 belts do not fit perfectly on htd. It could be because your pulley is 3d printed so the profile isn’t perfect, but I have matched them up and there is a difference. There is more clearance between the bottom of the tooth and the belt tooth itself, so the stress isn’t carried as good.

You should test it though

Year later and still no one used HTD belts sad thing to see.

Not sure what you mean by that, almost everyone uses HTD.

Just a quick update for everyone: I’m using GT3 3M, 15mm wide belts on a 60:28 reduction with idler. Have never skipped a tooth and the belts still look brand new after 100+ miles.


Where did you get a gt3 profile pulley?

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I ordered the motor pulleys custom from B&B manufacturing. They custom hobbed them (not a stocked size, 28T), put a 3mm keyway, and two setscrew holes. Fully steel. Same silver colored with a rust protective coating and oil.

Their pricing when I ordered was:

$59 unit price for 4

$38 unit price for 8

$7.75 unit price for 1000

Quite cheap if you’re buying in bulk. My guess is price wouldn’t go above $10 for 200 of them.

The motor pulley was 3d printed on a SLS machine. I grabbed the initial tooth profile from SDP-SI.com . They have free cad if you sign up. Be weary of their HTD profiles though, some of them seem wonky with inconsistencies. GT3 and GT2 are both good though.

Sorry meant gt3 haha my bad

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I’m not a skateboard guy… more like a CNC builder, I find your research and found it very interesting and your findings super interesting thank you! Kind regards /Stefan stockholmviews dot com

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