Why has this industry been so overpriced for so long?

Not to be rude and im not here to start fights but discussion on Why has this industry been so overpriced for so long? Why are people just accepting this? We spend nearly as much on Eboard wheels as you do for your tires on your car and that’s just one example. Its not only our parts market but complete boards in general priced at not much less than a quality used car…

Also in a industry that’s already WAY overpriced, Those offering a pathetic 15-20% off in the esk8 world is a piss take and any ‘savings’ from that is basically nothing… Look around at black friday deals and in general sectors (electronics, tools, tec) and you see far bigger discounts…


Whaaaat!??? :joy::joy:Where do you get your tires? I paid close to $450 for a new set of Winter tires this year.


Over priced? Have you ever been to bicycle store?

Listen things are expensive because we are at the bleeding edge of technology and we’re standing on them at 30+mph, any failure is very serious and can cost you way more than that shiny part you thought was too expensive.


incomparable Market… almost every house has a TV,tools, electronics. Esk8 isn’t THAT big.


Watch out they coming for you!!! All together¡! Screenshot_20181120-211840__01


I imagine a large part of it is the fact a majority of the quality party are community sourced or built… there just arnt the ecconomies of scale you get in the markets you have listed

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A new tire is roughly £50 fitted here! x4 around £200…


just look at the group buys… buy one motor 130usd buy 20 95usd… imagine a mainstream seller being able to order 10,000 units…

And in production how many of those do you think they make at a time?

do some research. there is literally not a single thing in this post worth reading, nothing but bad assumptions without facts.


Also I can spend $300 on cheap Chinese tires but people like me would rather Spend $900 on a set of Michelins.

Don’t put your money over your own safety cause once your fucked up money won’t help you.


17 still going strong @surfer hahahaha


Some sellers are definitely over pricing. Mounts are a typical example. But not all items. We need more Chinese sellers like @dickyho.




Ok, so I don’t want to be rude or anything but anyone who even has the slightest bit of knowledge about economic will easily understand what’s going on here. For example @Hummie hubs: A big company like Samsung has huge factories with assembly lines trained workers and so on. They can produce in large quantities relatively cheap. Because the also have to buy parts but they can order them in large quantities so that’s also cheap. On the other hand, a guy like @Hummie has a small production with small quantities and has to put a lot of work into it… So that makes it obviously more expensive. He also orders parts in a small quantitys so that’s make’s it even more expensive.

Just my opinion :smile: @Hummie sorry if I got anything wrong…


ohh look theres that common and uncorrect assumption of everything manufactured in china is crap …

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I’d love for you to make this argument in a cyclist community. Even I think they are horrendously over priced but that will tear you to shreds lol.


Ok, so first of all, if you want to talk about prices, it’s roughly £60 and not £50 as you’ve mentioned. 4 fitted tires at that store are £232 which is around 300 USD and a similar quality E-skate wheel set will cost you about $60 shipped. Now, these tires are manufactured in quantities of hundreds of thousands wheres PU wheels are made specifically for this NICHE market in quantities of a few hundreds, rarely a couple thousands.

Btw, notice that word Niche, usually has a big affect on pricing :smile:


Never said everything manufactured in China is crap I said cheap Chinese shit there’s a difference.


Relax guys go for a ride on your boards…