Why has this industry been so overpriced for so long?

@davewood1982 You literally answered your own question. I would suggest thinking for maybe 30 seconds before making a thought like that public.

I want to take this opportunity to educate folks on neat concept…

  1. An opinion has no inherent value. If its stupid, saying ‘just my opinion’ is meaningless.
  2. You DO NOT have the right to an opinion that is disproven by facts, No one is attacking you when they say “an opinion is stupid”, they are simply stating ‘their’ opinion.
  3. Falling into the trap that you ‘deserve’ to have your own opinion on any given subject is nothing more than a recipe for life long stupidity and unhappiness.

Can’t I’m stuck at work for another 3 hours lol


I was just starting to get bored at work and then this thread popped up.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is a top economics thread.


There are things for you, they are called Meepo. But if you want the world’s best stuff, it’s not cheap china clone hub motor junk.

I can’t afford to not show up at work because some cheap china toy broke on my way in.

I don’t want all my groceries to spoil because my skateboard broke down on the way home.

I don’t want to plant my face in the street because I tried to save a few dollars on my vehicle. If you do, go right ahead. It is your choice.


This. Home injured. This will kill some time. Lol


The majority of quality esk8 parts are made by “some guy” you usually actually know his name. Parts made in small batches. I have no idea who built my xbox. I know the home address of who build my battery…


What is the point of this thread? You don’t even have the most basic understanding of economics, (i.e. economy of scale) and you’re just spouting this unsubstantiated bullshit.


can yiu share hes address? . kind of need a new battery :frowning:

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I have the right to say what ever i like, its called freedom of speech… you on the other hand talking down on people acting like your better than them and pretending your a hard man is funny,

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For me the point of this thread is to slap everyone in the face who actually thinks like this

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he’s here, his name is @psychotiller. you don’t need his address, just PM him :slight_smile:.


If you’d said something like “It seems like eskate is pretty expensive, what’s up with that” instead of insulting the black Friday sales and prices of people who actually innovate and do cool shit in this community, I wouldn’t have gotten this ‘triggered’.

Go back to bargain shopping on amazon


You actually don’t have those rights on the internet but okay…


but thats less creepy… im knocking on the window whilst hes watching tv in hes pjs…

but on a serious note im a londoner so a bit of a trek


Oh that’s right your the guy that loves to defend Jason from diyboard. Lol now this makes sense.


This is exactly what the point is. And exactly what the op is missing.

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Is this guy @Photorph in disguise?! :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Didn’t say you couldn’t say what you wanted to, I said you have NO right to an opinion just because its an opinion. Freedom of speech doesn’t save you from the repercussions of being called stupid, that’s freedom of speech too.

Never said I was better than you, never even alluded to the fact. I am however smarter, and you proved that yourself as you offended every vendor on this forum with your asinine comments.


I guess it needs to be said. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one but some stink worse than others. Out