Why helmet safety has become my #1 priority

yeah i wondered if a full glove would had mad a difference…maybe yes maybe no… i feel like the finger snagged on the rough asphalt and thats probably part of the reason it tore… vs major rash or something but who knows

I am 99% sure it would have made a difference

Ouch, that sucks. Glad you’re OK. Time to upgrade to full finger gloves, me thinks.

Thumbs up for nailing that crash landing though. :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m shopping gloves as we speak right now,Sector nine has all the gloves on sale right now for hella cheap…May snag a couple different pairs to test out


How’d you fall? Feel better man!

heres the vid from the crash… i also found some very intersting frames in the go pro as i was scrubbing throught the crash…while the go pro tumbled there were a couple moments where it perfectly faced me and caught the roll in action… amazing yet scary actually!


Glad you caught it on camera, who doesn’t love seeing people crash?

Hope you feel better soon by the way, that’s a nasty finger.

I’m sorry you got hurt. Now that’s out the way, your “wooooooo” as you realized you were fucked was comedy gold.

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@Saturn_Corp thanks! getting better by the day…should be back rolling again in a couple weeks lightly after my upcoming trip to europe

@Deckoz this was my worst spill so far…ive faired better on the limited few others i had… i was def shocked…more than “in shock” when i saw my finger… like…we good…oh def not good lol…

id skated this route a couple times before but coming the other direction of this loop which is probably why i didnt feel this part of the road as I did here… wasnt a pot hold… but like a patch n slap job…i could see it when i scrubbed frame by frame where the exact moment was =/


Another gent on reddit with a helmetless fall that almost ended him

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is this new? u or a friend?

Saw that of IG.

Not me, chap on reddit. Lessons were learned luckily

Glad he’s ok…I’d like to see the helmet aftermath of hes in a neck brace

He didn’t have a helmet?

Im assuming he did…if u look at the pic theres a before and after pic… 2 guys have gloves on 1 doesnt… This dude has a fucked up hand in the “after” pic… Using my sherlock holmes right now :wink:


The weirdest thing about falling is how quickly it happens. One moment, you feel in control and before you know it, you are grinding your ass on the road.

And then things calm down for a brief moment before panic sets in as you go through the sensation in your body to quickly assess if you have broken anything.


I didnt say i was good at reading lol… Wtf is the point of the group pic then??

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@accrobrandon I was wondering the same thing. Wasn’t sure how the two pictures correlated. I thought maybe the first picture was what happened first, and the next photo was him geared up with a full face helmet so he’s prepared for the next time. Then I wondered which one he was in the pic, and if he was the guy with the Raptor 2, and if it threw him off somehow.