Why is my board so loud? The vibrations are making it un-rideable

Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on?


My board is ridiculously loud and is causing terrible vibrations and rattling. It feels like it’s coming from the front. It makes me not want to ride it.

I’ve replaced the trucks and bearings with brand new ones and it didn’t make a difference.

All of the internal parts are velcro’d to the board. When I pick up and shake the board with my hands there are no noises or movements.

I’m just so confused what’s causing this. Is it the battery enclosure being too tight?

What else can I do to test it and see what’s wrong?

Do you have pictures of the inside of your enclosure before shutting it? Is there foam between anything? Between the enclosure and board? As long as your trucks are assembled normally with standard parts you can probably rule out those

There’s neoprene foam between the enclosures and the board. I can open it up and take pictures later today.

what are the enclosures made of? try to fill any empty space inside the enclosures with foam to dampen it. They are basically drums otherwise. That does seem quite loud though. You have the cauguama wheels yes?

Yes. They are eboosted enclosures made of fiber glass

Try using rubber risers. It makes your ride smoother too.

I already am haha.

I might try to take the enclosures off and duct tape around everything for a very short ride to see if it’s the enclosures. Would that be smart or stupid and dangerous? I don’t want to puncture the battery obviously

Just ride somewhere safe for a short amount and you should be ok. Only way to figure out is trying haha

That could be the motors.

I really think it would be obvious if it was the motors?

Depends. It could be the stator hitting the magnets

The motors run fine and the vibrations go away on smooth roads so I don’t think it’s the motors.

Here are pictures of the inside:

image image image

It’s the enclosures… Here’s a comparison video on the same road:

My question is now that I know it’s the enclosures… how do I fix it? Hahaha

Both enclosures are causing the vibrations and I don’t know why. I tried putting them on one at a time and test riding. The rear ESC one is less severe but still very noticeable.

I had the same problem with a different enclosure. My solutions was to just tighten it more (the best solution when I built my first board in late 2015):rofl: If you’re smart you’ll probably just put some rubber sealing foam or a gasket around the enclosures and see if that helps.

Are you able to lift the enclosures by the things in them (lift the unity and see if the enclosure stays with it)

The enclosures don’t have anything in them, they just cover the electronics which are velcro’d to the deck. I also already have foam between them.


if the enclosures have nothing in them they work like the body of a guitar and amplify the sound . You could try to use these sticky pads used for audio installations in cars for stopping vibrations on doors etc.