Why is my motor screeching at high speed

when riding around getting up to speed the motor starts to screech. this only happens when using 12s I have a 10s battery and it sounds fine. is this because the motor can’t Handel. my setup is a 12s battery with enertion vesc and enertion motor the big one 63 74

Screeching in the motor is an indicator that the signal to the motor is being pulsed using PWM. You might be hitting a current limit, or the RPM limit on the VESC.

@VladPomogaev can I turn turn down the power or something. I want to keep using 12s.

I’m not sure. Play around with it. I don’t own a vesc yet :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thankyou

what kind of screech is it? you could configure your pwm so it only goes to 90%ish but thats no fun

it starts around 75% throttle then fades out.

mm whats your gearing? could be working too hard

i’m using a 6374 sk3 12s 14/36 on 97mm clones… no noise other then the usual bldc hummm…

did you detect the motor correctly or just use the preprogrammed setting from enertion?

my gearing is 15 tooth motor gear and 36 tooth wheel. it’s an enertion motor 6374

mmm hard to say without more detail… maybe just a bad motor…

I think it’s fine if rode 20 miles and it kind of makes the noise then dies out

Any update on this? I have the same issue of it screeching at about 70% throttle but being fine below and above that. Here’s a video of my issue: