Why is my range so low? 10s 4000mah lipo battery

I was thinking of the unity which If I remember is about 300 dollars. its not a major investment for me if it means I can run dual motors. I live in Cincinnati Ohio and a lot of my commute is up or down hills. there are flat spots but not a ton. I just need to figure out when I can start my next build. It wont be until later next month though for sure.

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Try Samsung 30Q battery. It’s the best choose for building electric skateboard.


Yeah I have a 10S4P 30Q pack and a 10S3P VTC6 pack and they are awesome, but lipo’s can also be great if you use them right. He must get a lot more range out of his 10S 4Ah battery

@Bob6677 I was thinking of building my own battery sense I have a LIPO pack. there are spot welders out there that can run off of a LIPO pack. it costs about 125 dollars but I did plan on building more then one pack. I have a history of building weird stuff in my town and people tend to ask me about my builds. so to other’s saying just buy a pack id rather build my own first and if I cant build it then I will buy one.

@bartroosen12 i get about 4 miles of range out of my LIPOs I never intended this to be a final project. I planned to build a few more and maybe sell them to some capacity… weather I build just packs or whole boards.

For those that might be thinking about that spot welder I was talking about here is a link to it. I thought it might help you guys out who want to build a pack but live in an apartment like me. spot welder and soldering iron combo

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Only other dude in the natti area I’ve seen on here!

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@venom121212 so do you live in the norwood area? I think i see you every few days riding by some chemical plants do you?

@Lucajo16 Nah must be another cool guy. I’m up by Armco Park / Lebanon area outside the city

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@venom121212 ya there is a guy who rides by my job back and fourth. But i dont think he builds em. His seemed pretty much like a finished product or something. I still need to put grip tape on my board and consider doing some upgrades

Nice, I just left Ault park and wished I brought my board so bad. You ever ride there?

No @venom121212 i have dont even know where that is. My board is my main form of commuting when not on the local metro. I live really close to downtown so i dont have a car at this moment. Im shooting for my license the spring of this year. If youd like to ride there is a local park called winton woods…has a great trail by the lake thats kept in order. Id love to check out your board. Right now im getting ready for my next build as we speak. Im building my own spot welder and everything!