Why is nobody using cryptocurrency for Buy/Sell?

That’s a good way to save some serious cach over the years. Think I will have to do it like that myself

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Hey dad Could you sign up for this cripto currency thing so I can buy a motor mount?

Just sounds bad.

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You still stuck asking Dad to buy your toys? :wink:

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But hay dad could you give me 95€ instead of 100€ so I could buy this motor mount sounds better.

Nah, I use my Sisters paypal, Not old enough to make an account yet.

@Eretron my dad understands paying a bit more to get a little less sketch, as do I. sometimes i just need to use a pp acount i don’t have

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I don’t know why. But in my mind you have always been a 40+ year old dude.




What is crypto currency? :joy:


it has too spooky a name. bet they’d get farther with…Cheap O Currency.

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Write a smart contract for the forum, would not work with groupbuys though, then let trusted members with full identity disclosure settle disputes. Would probably benifit both parties more than PayPal

Ah, I didn’t want to mention smart contracts it is way advanced feature… But yes it would be awesome.

I guess we will have to wait a couple more years for crypto to become more accepted.

That wont happen till people stop trading it to make more of there own contries money…

Example: you dont see people trading USD for USD hoping to make a profit and in that way it is as trusted ans safe as any other contries currency…

Whose backing(bank/contry) the “crypto”?

Too complicated to buy/sell/withdraw and + fees from various services, no buyer protection, not stable in value and none of the manufacturers accept it so using it would be just a waste of money

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crypto not being backed is the goal of it lol people back it, if people stop using it it will fall in value and if there’s a demand for it it will grow but there are some banks getting into crypto somewhere

crypto is too illiquid. I don’t want to go through the hassle of using something like coinbase to convert it back into cash that I can use.

When I can walk into a grocery store and buy my food with crypto… I’ll start taking it seriously.

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and is why it will never make it… to many chefs in the kitchen

Crypto is just too volatile. Multiple reasons for that:

  • big whales and their pump&drump strategy
  • HODL-ers using it as a security / tradable asset instead of a currency
  • too young to have a stable market cap
  • no real usage to drive its value as a currency

Then there are TX fees, network failures ( remember Crypto Kitties? ) and many other factors that make it unusable as a daily currency.

There is currently no benefit in using crypto for an average Joe…


Most of those points wouldnt be valid if the market cap was much higher. Your not wrong though :grin:

Same lol. Credit to the maturity of his input.

I’ve only just worked out how to use bloody PayPal. :flushed: