Why Maytech VESCs Are Better

They are starting to spam on the E-Board pages and I got a kick out of this.


LOL. Chinese manufacturer explains how to expose Chinese manufacturers.


capacitor pcb is making the vesc lookin goooooood. they had me at that point :monkey:


After reading how good they are, i thing OllinBoard co. can close its doors.

I feel sorry for @chaka.

:laughing: :grin:


personally i prefer parts with the unclear writing. I hate knowing what’s on my pcbs. clear writing? fuck that bro. unclear is where the shit’s at these days.


I’m missing the smiley which’s hittting himself with a hammer. :poop:

That would fit here very well :rage: :money_mouth:

Some real world facts about the quality of Maytech VESCs, pictures taken this morning:


I can make out the letters on the mosfets. Way too clear for me. Disgusting.


these are not 680uf caps on this thing. I dont know why i am not surprised…

But the solder joints are beautiful…

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I don’t even have a sense of humor when it comes to these vescs. They can’t even solder a nice joint. There advantages aren’t advantages, since besides the counterfeit parts, everyone does those. As far as I’m concerned, more players in the vesc game mean more bad news for the vesc. Since Vedder doesn’t think any of chakas updates are necessary, the market will continue to be flooded with inferior quality vescs.

Is this the new version?

It was received last week directly from the factory.

@evoheyax, v6 is coming and that will change the game significantly. At least for some months. :slight_smile:

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Have you tested it on a board yet?

Get ready for a VESC fire sale from who ever is holding inventory on this version when 6.0 comes out

They were put into a dual config by somebody else who didn’t get them working (FW 2.16, also containing the max ramp step error). I re-uploaded bootloader and installed a bug free FW 2.18 and sent them back to him. We’ll see how they’ll perform.

unless you are looking at the PWM input wires.

“more players in the vesc game mean more bad news for the vesc.” So if only maytech was selling vescs, you would be happier? more players means more options, you can always choose the best seller according to your preference. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you that there are now chinese companies in the market, because you don’t like their products anyway, but for me (and for other people) the competition is better. Notice how some other parts are manufactured in china, even parts that Enertion, Ollin, DIY and other sell. Sometimes chinese parts just offer a better value, and good enough quality. Thats enough for my rant :slight_smile:

i think the solderist was drunk. lol

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So I’m guessing you never had issues with Enertion vescs made in china? Both china vescs I bought from enertion had issues, one came broken and he other broke the second day. Chaka’s vescs in the same build and setup, never broke, still good 8 months later. So there is a build quality difference. Chaka said he thinks one of the main reason vescs from china break so easily is poor manufacturing. And this looks worse in soldering quality than enertions did. So sorry if I’m doubtful, but I think a lot of people are going to buy them and have issues. Vedders BOM in certain places use 50v caps, while running 12s puts it over that at 50.4v. When I say more players in game mean more bad news, it’s because there’s been so many shitty quality manufacturers so far, mixed with the BOM that should be updated for those who are running at low voltages (which should be everyone in eskate), and you have a recipe for disaster. We need more manufacturers like chaka, who take the time to make changes to the BOM so that they don’t break on people so easily. No, not everything from china is crap (I’ve been using maytech controllers for sometime with no issues until yesterday. But the vesc is not a simple controller, it’s very delicate and complicated.

The more manufactures that build shitty quality vescs, the worse the reputation the vesc will get.