Why not want to work? (motor)


I bought my first electric skateboard build, but when i wanted start the skateboard it isnt worked… Somebody can help me? :confused: Video link: https://streamable.com/0jmps

Read the documentation that came with the esc. If there was none, get it from a secondary source. Describe here which steps you have taken based on the documentation. Describe the things you have tried to resolve the issue.

Doesn’t look like your remote is paired. I would start there. Good luck.

I think its paired because when i pull back the remoter its stoped flashing (remoter & esc) So i think its paired

I’m not seeing the battery voltage reflected by the remote.

Its 10% but i think what is the problem, the parallel because when i connect 2pcs 3s battery its stay 11.3 but i already connect 2 battery so yes i think!jpg%201

Yes, you need a series connector for 6s. Most likely does not work due to low voltage cutoff.

Hm okay, i charge the batteries more voltages

thats not what he meant, right now you are running your batteries in parallel and will only be able to get maximum 12.6 volts which is still too low even if you charge the batteries. you need to connect them in series to double the effective voltage since the ESC requires more voltage to run

thanks for clarifying. Exactly that.

The ESC is soldered to allow for different voltage configurations. The minimum voltage for this ESC is 6S. Any voltage below the typical cutoff voltage for 6S will prevent the ESC from working correctly. It will power on, but it will not allow the motors to run.

From the manual:

6S 24V:connect those 2 dots on position 3 on the picture. disconnect those 2 dots on position 2 on the picture 7S 29.4V:connect those 2 dots on position 2 on the picture. disconnect those 2 dots on position 3 on the picture 10S 36V:disconnect those 2 dots on position 2 on the picture, disconnect those 2 dots on position 3 on the picture

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Yes I read this descripton but i didnt found the picture, so what is the correct 6s? :confused: Is it good serial?!

6s/7s should be marked on the PCB. s-l400%20(1)

So i have to to be soldered the 2 dots? So connect the 2 dots with soldering?

Bridge the two silver pads marked 6s (within the white square bracket) with solder.

If the 7s pads are already bridged, you need to unsolder that in addition to the first step described.

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Thanks the help, the problem solved!