Why there are these burn marks on the vesc?

Hey, I had a pair of tb vescs blown the dvr’s on both of them, they are already replaced, but just now I have noticed these marks, what could’ve cause that?IMG_20180904_201211

Soldering iron or hot air station touching it by a mistake.

All my XT connecters looks like it due to that.

Not sure what you are referring too, but it looks like mosfet gate is shorted

on the plastic? it probably got burned when the hot air from the DRV replacement hit it. It shouldn’t affect performance.

That is a REALLY messy job on the phase wire plugs. I’d be more worried about that.

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Never solder the bullet connectors directly to the PCB, enertion did this with the Raptor 1 and they always break off the PCB over time. Always use a silicone wire


I love how 3 different people found 3 different issues😂


Yeah same, lets find more issues! #IssueManComingToSaveYall.

A vesc follow up. Everything is disconected now, but I think you will see how it all was done, the left vesc’s dvr burned THE SECOND i pluged it in. the wires to the xt90 were resoldered, could have I mess up the capacitors? I had a Canbus at the moment, the vesc on the right is not conecting to the Pc, pc plays a sound, once I plug the USB, but the vesc app do not see the vesc. What is wrong with all this system?? Is it worth fixing it? I’m on the edge just buying the dual flipsky 6,6 vesc.41106023_819803691694986_1716545948282257408_n

What happened with your phase wires on the left vesc. Why one of the cables lose?

About the connection. Does the vesc power on? There are some blue/red leds flashing? If yes, did you choose the right com port in the vesc tool?

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Why are the phase wires on the “back side” ofthe vesc? Left vesc

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Phase wires are simply soldered off now. Only the blue and green.

How about the leds? Your vesc powers on?

Yes, the blue and green less are on.

Did you try different cables and checked if you use choose the right port in the vesc tool?