Why when i press full throttle at once, engine cog?

Cant upload video here… but i will try to explane it…

If i hit the throttle all the way at once, the motor making strange jumping steps and not run. Its run nice if i push slowly only on the throttle… sometimes jumping (cog) and stucked until i release the throttle… why?.. Focbox, motor 125kv

Are you getting the cogging from a dead stop when you try to accelerate? If so that’s normal for BLDC unsensored. You have to kick push then accelerate. Does it happen under hard acceleration while riding as well? Did you run motor detection and save it?


Is your motor sensored?

Thanks guys. Just founded the sensored check box not saved somehow… Mabe this is the problem… Will update soon.

yes it was that problem, sensor not selected on my focbox… thanks.