Why why why Won't you

When people on this site are selling parts why won’t you ship out side the states …

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because shipping out of the country is more tedious, costs more, and more problematic.


I have the same issue…but when they dont, i use package forward sites like www.shipito.com its free


Just curious here, is it that much troublesome when you receive packages from abroad?

I shipped from 3 different countries but never from the US, every time the custom form just had a 3 columns table with item, value and quantity.

But when I have to receive packages from another country it gets complicated especially if I have to declare and pay taxes on the parcel.


receiving is not troublesome, shipping is. i’m fine with shipping out of the country and also because i’m in canada and we don’t have much diy-ers here. just mentioning that some may say fuck the extra steps to ship out of their borders.


I have no problem with shipping anywhere as long as it is paid for. @pundahh it’s on its way btw :wink:


woot woot! can i get that tracking & eta in the dm’s over in the bright side :slight_smile:


Shipping isn’t hard as long as you are ok with paying for it.


Revenue can be cants sometimes it’s like they think they’re vigilante’s

They hold your stuff don’t reply to emails don’t pickup the phone unless you declare it to a price that would satisfy them.

Don’t understand it either. Shipped a package back to America. 2kg, tracked for about 12€. Arrived within a week.

I sure understand it. I’ve shipped carvon speed drives once to Australia and the fear that it might get lost was real.