Wii kama nunchuck won't work?please help

I plugged my reciver into my vesc and the blue light comes on and it will connect.also when I push either button the light blinks but It will not turn the motor?? This is a new Ollin vesc and my first time trying to run it. :weary::weary:

Could you provide a pic of how you set it up? Thx.

Did you run a motor detection? Did you set up the configs properly?

If you dont know what i mean just search for vesc here

Have you enabled the nunchuck (and run motor detection) in the VESC settings by connecting it to a computer over USB and running the config tool?

That it lights up just means it has power. The blinks are just dependent on the connection between nunchuck and receiver. This does not mean the output from the receiver is properly set up to be received in the VESC or even properly connected (other than 3.3V of course which seems to be working).

I’m sorry I’m a idiot I should of known better. I thought they came pre programmed I’m gonna plug it in Tonight when I get home and give it a try. Thanks guys :slightly_smiling_face:

ok i downloaded the bldc tool and got the vesc to connect and i clicked on the nunchuck tab and enabled and and then rebooted. now when i connect the mini usb back to the vesc my computer gives me a error message “Usb not recgonized”. and now i cant see the connection to connect???

Did you ever read any tutorials here ore elsewhere about VESC config? Or watched one of this YT tutorials? It’s quite simple but needs some sense of initiative…

First off if i did not have any initiative i wouldn’t be building my own skateboard… Secondly yes i did watch videos and the tutorial’s. what i am asking is if anyone else had issues with there pc recognizing the vesc. but thanks for the helpfull insight…