WiiCeiver Connection Issues

I recently finished my board, and was riding fine. I put about 10 miles on it with ZERO problems. Then it all hit the fan. When I pluggged the battery in the power (spark) surged and cause the atMega to blow in my wiiceiver, and also frying the Nyko dongle. So I purchased another kama from @barajabali and plugged in everything and it seemed to work. Or so I thought so, I took the board out to ride and the connection was terrible, the wiiceiver was dropping connection left and right and became unrideable. I have a picture of my enclosue BEFORE THE SPARK.

So after trying a few different arrangements in my enclosure without success I decide to make another enclosure specifically for the wiiceiver, because when I put the board out side of the enclosure I had ZERO connection issues, it never dropped out… so here is a picture of the new enclosure with the wiiceiver inside… remember it is a v1 prototype so I just wanted to see if it worked. Do any of you have any suggestions?? I really want to get this issue resolved. Btw I put an anti spark xt90 on the battery so there are no more sparks, and I replaced the atmega. Thanks for all your help, and sorry for any mistakes I created this on mobile

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