WIIceiver dual ESC question

Hey, when connecting 2 ESCs to the Wiiceiver, do I need to cut one of the power wires? I’ve heard from multi-copter guys that you don’t want to send parallel BECs to a receiver. Has this been a problem for the dual motor boards using a Wiiceiver…or the VESC? I’m concerned with damaging the BECs as well as creating noise.

With Dual VESC it is not an issue as the RX is connected to only the master VESC. With a normal HOBBY RC ESC i think you would want to modify the servo cable so you only get power from one source.

It depends how you connect them. With a simple “Y” servo connector - then yes i’d remove power from one so you aren’t using the BEC from the second VESC to send power to your Rx.

You can hard-wire the VESC to your Nyko - check out onloops link and how-to. You can also connect dual VESC utilizing the canbus connectors (enables traction control option as well).


The Wiiceiver is standalone meant for an RC Eboard type build. You can get the parts kit from Austin David and/or purchase the plug & play from me.

A similar wiiceiver is pre-built into VESC (custom code/programming by Ben but with similar features).

Wiiceiver (to run two motors/escs) you would connect to the dual 3 pin ports and/or using a Y connector if no built in BEC/UBEC.

The Nyko Kama & Receiver itself do have issues with connectivity and interference.

Some people as Jacob Bloy and Ben Vedder have worked on customized Nyko Kama & Receiver which use 2.4ghz with Nrf24L01 which makes it much more stable and uses a lot less power.

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i just cut the middle pin off one of the ESC cables when running 2 ESC’s off 1 wiiceiver.
I have connected them both at the same time without major issue, but I like to play it safe.

Same here. I had both connected including power from both VESC to my Rx before i remembered to cut one of the power. The one or two days i rode it with both didn’t seem to damage the VESC’s or Rx. Still good to only supply from one if using a simple Y servo cable.

My next dual VESC will be using only one connection from VESC to Rx and then the canbus connection w/ traction control to the second VESC.

thank. I have hobby ESCs, not VESCs. It seems the consensus is to clip a red wire to be safe. Safe is the way to go.

If I may ask a follow up question: Has anyone encountered problems with multiple Nyko Kama wireless units interfering with each other? As in if two boards were ridden side-by-side, both controlled with wireless nyko kama wiiceivers? Hopefully they accounted for having 2 plugged into a Nintendo Wii.


I have had 4 nyko kama controllers ridden side by side without any issue.
as you said. they are designed to work with nintendo wii so thats 4 players in close proximity.

I have never had more than 4 at once, so that would be interesting…