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Wiiceiver V2 + nunchuck remote bundle (SOLD!)

selling a barely used wiiceiver and nunchuck controller bundle for $55 shipped to US if interested, PM me or post below

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I’m interested, did you already program it? I’m looking for a plug n play kind of thing

yup, already programmed (but can also be reprogrammed to your liking, instructions are provided) and ready for plug n play. If you are using a VESC, simply connect the VESC to wiiceiver adapter and you’re good to go

I don’t have a VESC. I have this Do you think it would work?

yes, it will work. As long as your ESC has a /BEC, you simply need to connect it to the wiiceiver and that’s it

I’m looking right now, nothing on it or in instructions says it has a BEC. I’m going to back out, seems a bit complicated for my current knowledge. Thanks though!

Hi there

I have been watching for a wii nunchuck and it seems very good. Does it work properly?

I would be really interested in this. I am building my electric Longboard for graduation work for high school. The only thing left is an easy to use remote :slight_smile: and this would be perfect. Unfortunately I live in Switzerland, will this be a problem? I would be really interested in this and would pay the shipping cost.

I am interested too, so please let me know if somebody else in line before me backs off :slight_smile:
I live in Denmark btw

Private message sent.

Hi, there are two people in front of you for this item. Please also note that I don’t ship internationally (unless you are willing to cover the cost of shipping and the wait). thanks

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I am very interested in buying. If the offers above fall through please contact me. I am located in the US.

sorry, item is now sold.