[WIKI] A beginner guide to DIY an ESK8

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I will make some changes soon :slight_smile:


Finally someone made this. In addition many noobs asks if this fits to this component and if that is compatible with this etc.

So try to get a note on compatability and what to look for


another thing is vesc settings and remote connections, that’s something that a lot of newbs have trouble with (having trouble now)


I think there are some good in depth guides/post about vesc settings on this forum :slight_smile:


Also there is an hour long video on YouTube for vesc settings… This could probably be updated. And shortened🤔


20min video that is updated to new User friendly program.


:roll_eyes: wish I woulda watched that one

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I spent hours watching and reading how to configure the vesc :joy: When I saw this new Program and tutorial and how easy a firmware updates etc are I was Both sad and happy.


Awesome guide! Very informative and will for sure help decrease the amount of topics with starter questions.


I’ve been wanting to write a guide like this to supplement my guide to understanding batteries but I haven’t had the time so far. Thanks for doing it for me! :stuck_out_tongue:


changing this to a wiki will allow community contributions. but you’d be opening it up for everyone to edit.

Is there not a way to set the wiki restrictions to levels ?

Well I’m not sure how many people take the time to screw up a wiki page on purpose. Honestly it doesn’t matter what forum you go on you’re going to get the same “dumb” questions over and over even if search was used. Sure it’s a pain sometimes but this sport is changing fast. What was the new hotness a few months ago might be old and busted by the time a new member searches(or doesn’t) something.

Don’t forget this


Very accurate if used correctly. I use about 88% efficiency on dual. Maybe someone has better numbers for single


How do I make the post into a wiki?

This is a forum builder, a wiki would require a separate website framework. I don’t think its necessary. This is enough to cover the ground basic concept. More or less people only need to know about which motor to pick, which battery to pick, which esc to pick, the necessary components needed and how everything is assembled. For people who build RC this is a no brainer, since I wasnt at the beginning knowing the overview scope make huge difference.

The details, shops and gimmicks are secondary thing. Its within members in their own time to make their builds better. But knowing how simple esk8 is, is the most important value.

Turning a forum into a wiki is as easy as giving admin access to every account. :rofl: LoL

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Great work! Maybe add, measure twice, cut once. In that order.

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Measure twice, cut once?

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Maybe you can add some links from posts that go deeper in a specific topic like motor, esc and battery. So someone can read this post and can learn more about a certain topic in another threat. Great post btw!

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